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Have you started noticing slower speeds in some of your iOT devices and GPS solutions? If you have, you’re not alone. The 3G sunset has already taken effect and significant network degradation is already being experienced in various regions. Sunset dates vary by carrier and by region, but it’s recommended that you update any 3G devices by the end of 2021 in order to not lose service.

There are variety of common challenges when transitioning devices including:

  • lack of expertise
  • lack of collaboration between vendor and customer
  • scaling issues
  • budget issues
  • lack of planning / project management
  • security risks

Not sure where to begin? Talk to a Spireon expert for one-on-one guidance. 

With nearly 20 years of experience in telematics, supporting vehicles and equipment of all types, Spireon has the knowledge and expertise to help you overcome migration challenges and provide you with a smooth and seamless migration.

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Your Spireon representative will:

  • Review the makeup of your fleet
  • Make recommendations for an upgrade
  • Help you archive existing data
  • Partner with you to plan for installations.
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Check out our step-by-step guide and other available resources.

Step By Step Guide
FAQs for New Customers
3G to 4G Checklist
Fleet Audit Checklist

Upgrading to 4G: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When will the 3G networks be shut down?

Sunset dates vary by carrier and by region, but all 3G networks are expected to be shut down by the end of 2022.  T-Mobile/Sprint is anticipating being completely shut down by December 2021, AT&T February 2022, and Verizon by December 2022.  It’s important to note that carriers are decommissioning parts of their 3G network prior to the final shutdown date and significant network degradation is already being experienced in various regions.

Why do I need to plan now?

Significant network degradation is already being experienced in various regions. Avoid disruption in usage. This is especially important for compliance and ELD. Upgrade now to get improved coverage areas and faster network speeds. Avoid a potential inventory shortage and rushed installations. Don’t wait until the last minute.

I haven’t budgeted for the migration. What are my options?

Not upgrading to 4G can be a huge financial risk. If you haven’t budgeted for the migration, determine how much money you would lose by not making the transition. Present the financial plan to management and ask for the money. Additionally, Spireon has leasing options with no cap ex / $0 down models (and $0 down plans for existing customers) to help lighten your financial burden.

How long does the migration process take?

The migration process will vary depending on your fleet / trailer size. A small to medium size fleet can take as little as a few weeks. Whereas a larger fleet can take months for a full transition.

How do I know if I have a 3G or 4G device?

As an existing customer, Spireon has your device makeup, and we’re able to help you understand your inventory. If you are new to Spireon, your telematics provider(s) should be able to help you understand your inventory.

Why should I invest in 4G LTE?

4G LTE is a proven technology that provides faster performance and better coverage than 3G. 4G LTE networks are expected to operate at least through approximately 2030. You can leverage the benefits of 4G devices and have confidence that they will continue to be supported for many years into the future.

6 Steps to Upgrade your 3G GPS Solutions

  1. Do a fleet audit. Use our Fleet GPS Solution Audit List to help you with your audit.
    – What does your existing fleet include?
    – What vehicle / equipment type?
    – What GPS solution do you have (product / brand)?
    – What network carrier(s) are the devices using?
    – Are they on 3G / 4G?
    – How many of each do you have?
    – What features are you currently using from your GPS solution?
    – Are there any features you wish you had that you don’t currently have?
  2. Review your existing service agreements
    – When do your device contracts expire? Prioritize devices that are expiring sooner for installs.
    – Are there any penalties for canceling early? Factor these costs into your upgrade budget.
  3. Determine your budget
    Have you allocated money for an upgrade this year? How many can you afford to upgrade? If you have not allocated a budget for upgrading, do a financial analysis on how much money your business could risk losing by not doing an upgrade. There are a variety of financial risks to consider that could ultimately impact the bottom line. A few significant ones to note:
    – Noncompliance costs
    – An increase in theft of equipment and/or cargo
    – Accident rate increase
    – Detention rate increase
  4. Select a vendor
    Choosing the right telematics provider is a vital business decision that can impact your company for years to come. Make sure your solutions provider can support a variety of vehicle types and equipment. Choose a solutions provider than can support fleets of all sizes, so that it can grow with you. And most importantly, ensure your vendor can help you with a smooth transition to minimize any business disruption. A strong vendor will be able to help you plan, and partner with you every step of the way to mitigate any challenges.
  5. Archive existing data
    Before you swap out any existing devices, make sure you archive all your existing data. You want to be prepared, should you need to go back to your files for insurance purposes, or any other reason.
  6. Plan ahead for installation
    The larger your fleet / trailer size, the more challenging it can be to migrate your GPS tracking devices. Be sure to plan ahead. Keep your team in the loop of your migration plans. Factor in down time and plan around delivery expectations to minimize detention rates and loss in revenue.

3G to 4G Checklists

Migration Checklist

Fleet / GPS Solution Audit
Determine upgrade budget
Pick a vendor
Archive existing data
Schedule upgrade installations

We do all the heavy lifting and work with you, so it is convenient and seamless.

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