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The Commercial Driver’s License Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse
This is a new requirement from the FMCSA. It is an electronic database containing drug and alcohol violations, where employers will report violations and check that no current or prospective employee is prohibited from operating a CMV due to an unresolved drug and alcohol program violation.

When Will It Go Into Effect?

1. Fall 2019: You Can Register for Access
Users can set up an account that will allow access to the Clearinghouse once it’s operational on January 6, 2020.
2. January 6, 2020: Clearinghouse Use is Mandatory with Manual Checks
Employers are required to use the Clearinghouse to report and check information about driver drug and alcohol program violations as of January and conduct manual checks with previous employers for the preceding three years
3. January 6, 2023: Clearinghouse Use Only
Employers are no longer required to conduct manual checks with previous employers and will solely use the Clearinghouse.

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Frequency of accidents: More than 200,000 collisions involving at least one passenger car and one large truck happen each year in the United States. (NTSI)

Texting and Driving: Sending or receiving a text message distracts a truck driver for an average 4.6 seconds. The average speed of a truck on the highway is around 55 mph. If a trucker was to look down at his or her phone for 4.6 seconds at 55 mph they will cover an entire football field.

Accidents involving automobiles: In the United States in more than 60% of all fatal collisions involving automobiles and large trucks, law enforcement officials report that the automobile operator rather than the truck driver contributed to the cause of the collision. (NTSI)

Spireon Driver Safety Resources

Spireon Reports

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Protect Your People and Profits Through Driver Safety

OSHA reports that one out of every five drivers will be involved in a traffic accident this year. Download our white paper to learn the facts about accident causes and how you can prevent them…all of which contribute to happier, more productive drivers!

  • 90% of rear-end accidents are caused by delayed driver reaction
  • 41% of accidents were due to driver distractions and aggressive driving behaviors
  • How companies are managing drivers who behave aggressively
  • And more
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Latest in Driver Safety Legislation

How will the tug-of-war between the driver shortage and driver safety play out? No one knows yet, but we asked two experts to discuss current issues and provide an overview of what you should watch for in the next year. Dave Osiecki, a former executive vice president of the American Trucking Association (ATA) and Dean Croke, Chief Analytics Officer of FreightWaves, joined in a recent webinar to review key questions including:

  • What the DRIVE-Safe Act may mean for your fleet
  • Whether the Under 21 Military CDL pilot program could help alleviate your driver shortage
  • How the Entry-Level Driver Training Program could negatively impact the shortage
  • How these programs will affect driver expense for your company
  • And more

Safety First

Rethink your approach to safety with these practical tips from Undercover Trucker Kelly Anderson, who has spent 30 years in the transportation industry as a driver, trainer, recruiter and much more. Anderson shares tips such as:

  • Why punishment and bonuses have no training value
  • You must change the behavior to change the outcome. Here’s how.
  • The keys to effective training
  • And more

Spireon Webinars

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Winter is Coming: Preparing Your Fleet & Drivers

As temperatures begin to fall, fleet operators have a number of factors to think about leading into the winter months, with driver safety being among the most important. Winter weather leaves everyone more susceptible to traffic incidents, and truck drivers are often at even greater risk during these conditions. Join FreightWaves and Spireon for an informative discussion.

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In this webinar you will learn:

  • Common causes of accidents during the winter months
  • Driver education and accident prevention
  • Importance of regular maintenance
  • And more

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Can Fleets Really Change Driver Behavior? – on demand webinar

Driver safety has been increasingly in the news related to accidents and is a key concern for many companies. How can fleets prevent accidents and injury?
Behavior is the root cause of most accidents and injuries. In this informative webinar, learn how to instill the proper behavior through education, awareness, and motivation.

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Kelly Anderson, President of Impact Training Solutions, will outline how to:

  • Create a safety and behavior modification program that will truly work with drivers of all experience levels
  • Learn which well-meaning bonus programs may actually be hurting your safety record
  • Train drivers the way that adults actually learn
  • Increase drivers recruited and decrease turnover through an effective, on-going program
  • And more

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How to Build a Fleet Safety Culture. And Why.

In 2016, large trucks were involved in 475,000 total crashes that resulted in approximately 180,000 injuries and 4,564 fatalities. Although large truck crash rates are much lower than historical averages, the rate of injury and fatal crashes has risen during the 2010-to-2016 time frame One of the most effective ways for fleets to reduce crash rates is to create an enhanced positive safety culture.

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  • What is safety culture and why is it important?
  • What is management’s role in improving safety culture?
  • How can you engage and empower employees to improve safety culture?
  • What steps are necessary to successfully improve safety culture?

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What Will the Driver Shortage & Drive-Safe Act Mean?

Maintaining a good safety record has been challenging enough, but now your company faces new challenges. Companies and industries around the globe are facing the effects of the driver shortage as the typical driver hiring pool declines in numbers. The government and companies alike are seeking ways to avoid increased driver safety issues as a result.

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Join us for an informative webinar exploring the impact of these and other factors, where you’ll hear:

  • What is the DRIVE-Safe Act and what impact will it have on your business?
  • How is the driver shortage affecting safety records and what should you do about it?
  • How can you enforce performance standards necessary for safe transport of goods?
  • What impact will all of this have on current drivers–will it increase shortages?
  • And more

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Additional Resources


Webinar: Failure is Not an Option

Led by industry expert Preston Ingalls, this webinar shows participants how to reduce equipment breakdowns with a proven process called a P-F model. Used by NASA, the aviation industry and others to minimize breakdowns, it has produced amazing results. (sponsored by Chevron)

Webinar: Integrating Driver Assistance Systems into Your Safety Program

Investing in advanced driver assistance systems doesn’t automatically make you a safe company. Learn how to integrate these technologies to enhance and improve your safety culture. (sponsored by Ryder)

Safety Webinar: Load Securement- Selecting & Using Tie Downs & Binders

Review proper load securement practices, including the identification and proper use of various tie downs and binders, forces that affect the use of these products, and how to properly inspect load securement equipment. Also provides an overview of chain grades and their best applications as well as outline CVSA guidelines, Federal regulations and DOT requirements. (sponsored by Columbus McKinnon)


CMV Driving Tips – Overview

Even the most well-trained, safety-conscious commercial motor vehicle (CMV) driver is at risk of engaging in driving behaviors that could lead to a crash on today’s crowded highways. These tips offer preventive measures that CMV drivers can take to help avoid crashes. Fleet safety managers can also use these Web pages for their driver training programs. 

Truckers Safety Tips

Amanda Hall, Director of Safety for ASF Intermodal, a full-service intermodal and dedicated carrier with more than 300 trucks on the road, shares her insights on some of the most important safety tips for professional drivers to observe.

Safety Tips Every Professional Driver Must Know

The Truck Driver’s Checklist (from the International Road Transport Union – OK to use if international?)

Vehicle Safety Tip Checklist for Truck Drivers (Infographic)

How to Conduct a Pre-Trip Inspection for Truckers

Truck Driver Tips for Handling High Risk Deliveries

Trucking Safety Facts – American Trucking Associations

2017 FMCSA Pocket Guide to Large Truck and Bus Statistics