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GoldStar Wireless: The Simple Solution to Essential Tracking

GoldStar Wireless is an entirely wireless GPS tracking solution for BHPH dealers and auto-lenders in search of simplicity. Self-install and activate GoldStar’s battery-powered tracker in minutes with no tools or hardwires and receive the essential tracking data you need for reliable reporting and quick recoveries.

Feature Overview

No tools or installation technicians needed.

Locate fast for easy recoveries.

Automatic home and work address collection.

Protection against exposure to environmental elements.

Proactive impound lot alerts.

Advanced 3-year battery life.

GoldStar Wireless Highlights

Stipulation Events with Reference Genie™ 
GoldStar’s patented Reference Genie technology is the first in the industry to collect work and home addresses from extended vehicle stops in the first two weeks of installation.

Location Genie™ 
GoldStar’s patented Location Genie technology gathers location history data so you can find the best day, time, and place to recover a vehicle.  

Impound Lot Alerts
Avoid impound fees and get notified via mobile phone or computer when a vehicle has entered one of the 10,600 impound lots in GoldStar’s national impound lot database.

IP-67 Rated
Built-in protection against elements like water or dust, allowing for greater flexibility when placing the tracker during installation.

Installation VIN & Pairing 
Save time manually onboarding vehicles.   

3-Year Battery Life 
Advanced extended battery-life so you can locate and recover vehicles quickly without worrying about device performance. 

Choose Your Tracking Mode

GoldStar Wireless Tracking Modes can be easily switched so you can find the setting best suited for your business’s needs.

Quick Track 

Quick Track uses Reference Genie™ technology to validate loan stipulations and establish a map of where a driver lives and works within the first 2 weeks of installation.  

Daily Track 

After 14 days, the device switches from Quick Track to Daily Track mode to reduce battery drain and eliminate manual tasks associated with changing modes. Daily Track verifies the accuracy of all work & home addresses and ensures the health of the device is strong.  

Recovery Track

Users can switch modes to Recovery Track for assistance with live tracking and near real time location if repossession becomes necessary. Recovery Track uses Location Genie technology to predict the best time and place for recovery and enables proactive alerts when vehicle crosses into impound lot.

GoldStar Wireless vs. Wired Devices

GoldStar Wireless
Simple and essential tracking.
Wired Devices
Robust monitoring and reporting.
Wireless installation Hardwire installation
Automated collection of work and home addresses for validation of loan stipulations Sophisticated location, address collection, and impound workflows 
Location Genie™ technology for quick historical location data Advanced location history data and boundary setting with GeoFences and GeoZones 
Proactive impound alerts drawing from GoldStar’s database of 10,600 impound lots Additional reports and alerts for speed, mileage, and battery level 

It’s simple. Trust the #1 GPS Provider with your wireless needs.

Find the Right Fit

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