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Truckload Carriers Fleet & Asset Management

GPS fleet tracking for truckload fleets - FleetLocate by Spireon - Fleet management for trailer fleets

Optimize Your Trailer Utilization and Improve Fleet Management

Spireon’s FleetLocate® Asset & Trailer Management solutions for truckload carriers are amongst the most reliable in the industry – with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. We are also known for feature-rich products that not only show you where your trailers are, but also help address issues common to truckload carriers: detention time, PAR reporting, yard checks and more.

Increase Trailer Utilization

Identify the optimal number of trailers you really need at each location then redirect underutilized trailers to customers with higher demand and revenue potential.

Improve Driver Satisfaction

Help your drivers be more profitable by reducing detention time and improving how they locate their trailers through real-time tracking and location pinpointing.

Reduce Detention Time

Track idle times for improved detention billing and to renegotiate better contracts. Also, use our real-time information to encourage customers to unload your trailers first.

Integrate with Your Current Software

Don’t waste time swapping between screens. Get up and running quickly by integrating our data into your current logistics and maintenance system via API.