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I’ve been at Spireon several years now, starting back in 2013. I’ve had some pretty awesome experiences here. I started off as a temp-to-hire rep and quickly moved up the ranks and became a supervisor and then manager, and I’m currently the director of Customer Support, over four locations. I manage projects and I am also a business analyst at the same time, so I gather requirements from all the cross-functional teams that we work with that touch our applications. I am the Vice President of Software Engineering. I am a Senior Product Manager at Spireon. I am a Software Engineer her at Spireon. Spireon is a vehicle intelligence company. It allows customers to really be able to track their assets and make them work smarter rather than harder. We are a technology company. Whether we are in the connected vehicle space or the transportation space, and we make hardware, and we make some really great hardware, but at the heart and soul of everything we do is software. No day is the same, so we always come up with different challenges of figuring out things with the engineers, or with the design teams. Essentially, we have a really, really good team, that we have a really solid team that really produces stuff, really gets stuff out fast. We are on the money with that and our customers love us for that reason. I wake up every morning and I’m excited to go to work. I feel like the company wants me there. It helps me grow as an individual as well as a member of the team. Just looking around here at the office, it’s an open [office] concept, and just a great environment for people to just have an opportunity to grow in. I’m really excited to be able to work with new technologies at Spireon. We are introducing things like Amazon Web Services into our broader technology stack and that’s really exciting for me. The software business is an incredible business and it is a challenging business. And, we are doing things that many companies can’t do today. And, as a result, if we don’t have the people, we don’t have a business. I’m really proud to say that we’ve got a very highly talented hand-picked group of individuals, and most people go out of their way to make sure you are successful, even without us demanding for it. People come not only with great attitude, but also great aptitude as well, so that makes it really fun to be here. Spireon is an amazing place. It really gives the opportunity for people that have hopes and dreams to grow their career. Life at Spireon is never boring. So if you seek a little excitement at your work or connect with people at your work, I think this is a great place to come and work. Come over to Spireon. It is the place to be if you want to make an impact. What’s fun about it is the people. Just come in and you will enjoy your work here. People that I work under appreciate me and need me. And I think that is really important. Everyone should feel like they are needed and feel like if they don’t show up, it’s going to be a big problem because stuff is not going to get done.

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