Explore IntelliScan™ ProView Volumetric & Visual Cargo Sensing

A New Perspective on Trailer Capacity

Precise volumetric fill and available floor-space percentage to help you use every trailer’s full capacity, increase backhaul opportunities, and move more cargo with the trailers you have today.

IntelliScan ProView includes an integrated solar panel for virtually unlimited duty cycle

Industry-leading Cargo Load Status Accuracy

Each ProView has advanced proprietary machine learning and optical recognition technology, producing the highest accuracy in the industry. The sensor detects a trailer’s load status with 99% accuracy. Plus, it delivers “percent full” and “percent of available floor space” readings that make it easy for carriers to see open space in their trailers for additional backhaul opportunities and more revenue.

Image Capture from Rear of Trailer

Each ProView cargo sensor is mounted in the trailer’s rear, giving you a more complete visual picture of your cargo. Timestamped images from inside the trailer are available for download.

Efficient Drivers

With accurate load status reporting, you can ensure a trailer is empty before scheduling a pickup, eliminating wasted driver time and improve driver retention. With our free add-on, TrailerView, drivers see the exact GPS location of their next assigned trailer, helping them navigate crowded yards.

Track and Manage Trailers Easily

ProView is paired with the Flex 2+ GPS-tracking device to help deliver ultimate trailer optimization. See exactly where each of your trailers are at any time through FleetLocateTM, Sprieon’s easy-to-use user interface. Only need load status reporting? Check out Flex 2+, our all in one tracking device that includes IntelliScan cargo load status reporting.

“IntelliScan ProView helps us cut costs and that’s the name of the game. Now we know if the trailers are fully loaded or if there is an opportunity to add more freight so we can eliminate unnecessary trips. We also see how the freight is being loaded and make sure we’re using the proper tools to secure it and eliminate damage.”

Brian Morris, Operations Asset Manager, Magnum Less-Than-Truckload

Flex 2+

Only need cargo load status reporting? Check out Flex 2+, our solar powered GPS Tracking Device with a built-in IntelliScan cargo load status sensor.

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See how Trailer & Asset Managers are using FleetLocate to optimize their fleets and increase ROI.

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