Fleet Managers Challenge

Increase Driver Productivity & Satisfaction

Optimize Driving Time with Route Guidance

Gain full visibility to dispatch vehicles and drivers more effectively with a live view of your fleet location, traffic conditions, and street maps. Keep track of when your drivers are in and out of landmarks.

Simplify Driver and Vehicle Pairing

Unless you can afford to have a designated vehicle per driver, you may need the flexibility to assign drivers to different vehicles. With Driver ID, fleets have vehicle assignment flexibility without the manual paperwork involved. And drivers can quickly login and logout of assigned vehicles.

Minimize Inefficient Compliance Processes

While FL Compliance is designed to simplify compliance needs for fleet managers, its mobile companion, FleetLocate Shift, helps ELD drivers easily log miles and HOS, and quickly create DVIRs.

Provide Driver Performance Transparency

Setup driver KPIs. Using FleetLocate’s Driver Scorecard, let drivers know exactly what they’re being scored on and provide them with the tools for improvement.

Ready for a closer look?

See how FleetLocate can grow your business with real-time driver and vehicle intelligence.

The last thing you need is a collision

So we’ve enhanced our video-based saftey solution, CamCoach, with ADAS tailgating alerts — a feature proven to reduce commercial vehicle collisions by up to 44%*. Paired with the AI Dashcam’s other risky behavior alerts, you can expect safer drivers, lower insurance costs, and fewer accidents.

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