Trailer & Asset Managers Challenge

Improve Trailer Readiness & Utilization

Lower the Potential for CSA Violations

Know with confidence, that your trailers’ tires are properly inflated. Get visibility and maintain safety with critical tire data for TMPS & ATIS integration.

Decrease Operational Costs

Proactively manage trailer maintenance based on accurate mileage and maintain your liftgate battery status in order to reduce equipment downtime and avoid the expense of roadside service calls.

Reduce Unauthorized Trailer Use

Know where your trailers are at all times. Locate trailers on demand. See breadcrumb trails. Setup geofencing and landmark alerts. Even see utilization reports, all from one cloud-based UI.

Source: Glenn, Jack. “How leading fleets are battling labor and trailer challenges.” Freight Waves, 2021.

Optimize Trailer Utilization

Analyze inactivity data and reallocate trailer usage. Turn trailers faster and reduce the need for purchasing, renting, or leasing additional trailers.

The Road Ahead: The Industry Speaks on Smart Trailer Utilization

Hear insights about the value of trailer tracking technology and what companies still need to do to utilize it to its full potential. Learn more about how you can maximize the benefits of smart trailer technology.

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