COVID-19 and Trucking

COVID-19 and Trucking: Industry News for May 20

Selected COVID-19 and trucking industry news that may impact your business.

As of May 20, 2020:

FMCSA Issues COVID-19 Related Notice on Off-site Compliance Reviews & Safety Ratings

Scopelitis Transportation Consulting

On May 19, 2020, FMCSA issued a notice to the public explaining that, during the COVID-19 emergency, it will issue safety ratings to motor carriers following compliance reviews (CR) conducted entirely off-site (i.e., remotely).  Because of “travel restrictions, social distancing, and other advisories associated with the…emergency,” FMCSA explained it will continue to conduct CRs of motor carriers and assign safety ratings even if those CRs do not include an “on-site” component.  FMCSA said it will leverage technology, including its web-based portal, to accept and remotely review compliance records from motor carriers undergoing a CR.  FMCSA issued this notice since its CR and safety rating-related rules in 49 CFR part 385 define a CR, in part, as an “on-site” review.  Read More

US Extends Border Closings With Canada, Mexico; Trucking Remains Exempt

Transport Topics

U.S. and Canadian officials have reached an agreement to keep the 5,525-mile border closed to nonessential traffic until June 21, even as parts of the countries begin to reopen. Read More

Spot rates rise as number of available trucks drops

The Trucker

According to information released by DAT on May 19, spot market metrics continued their upward trend the week of May 11-17, with ratios on the DAT One network climbing in response to seasonal demand. As some states attempt to return to normal life and produce enters supply chains, the increased demand brings some relief for carriers that have struggled with low rates during the COVID-19 crisis. Read More

April Tonnage Down 11.3% Year-Over-Year

Transport Topics

April truck tonnage declined 11.3% compared with year-ago levels, the steepest year-over-year decline since 2009, American Trucking Associations reported. Read More

Toilet paper rolls and supply chain roles

American Shipper

Before the coronavirus pandemic, the American consumer likely reached for a package of toilet paper on the supermarket shelf without a thought about how that product got there. “People now understand how critical it is for us to get our goods. When we’re standing in line waiting to get toilet paper and paper towels, they now start to understand a little bit about the role the ports and everybody in the supply chain play in getting goods and actually where those goods are manufactured,” said Michele Grubbs, vice president of the Pacific Merchant Shipping Association. Read More

Study: Carbon Emissions Drop 17% Globally in April During Coronavirus

Work Truck

An analysis published today in the journal Nature Climate Change finds that daily global carbon dioxide emissions compared to global averages from 2019 have declined 17% globally during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. Read More

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