GPS tracking for landscaping companies

GPS Tracking for Landscaping Companies: Worth It?

Some landscapers believe that GPS tracking for landscaping companies is too expensive for them.

Several leading companies have proven that is not true—and they’re bringing more to the bottom line as a result.

Landscape Development Improved Driver Safety and Performance with FleetLocate

Landscape Development, Inc. is an industry-leading, integrated site and landscape services company serving all of California, providing site design, construction, protection and maintenance. When they started the search for a fleet management system, they were looking to better control fuel and insurance costs. Their results after implementing FleetLocate included:

  • Reduced speeding
  • Reduced the number of accidents
  • Better able to coach drivers on better driving behaviors
  • Run a more efficient business
  • And much more

“Helps us with locating vehicles close by an area we need to assist and identifying potential risks. Also, locating stolen vehicles fast.”

—Eileen Falah, Fleet Manager, Landscape Development

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Grass Master Maintenance and Landscaping Improved Driver Performance, Saved Time

Grass Master, one of the most reputable names in landscape, hardscape, maintenance and irrigation services for home and commercial properties in Louisiana, was looking to better control costs in three areas: Fuel, insurance and violations/fines.

After implementing FleetLocate, the Grass Master team reported that the system helped them improve driver safety and ensure their drivers were performing, plus they reported up to 10% time saved with their GPS fleet management solution. The team says: “We love it!”

“It helps when we get a call from a consumer about one of our trucks to track them down quicker.”

—Taylor Denham, Finance/Accounting, Grass Master Maintenance and Landscaping

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Milford Quality Landscaping, LLC: Customer Service is Outstanding!

Milford Quality Landscaping serves over 200 maintenance accounts in Connecticut, ranging from large corporate and condominium accounts to small yards and specializing in landscape design and natural stonework. When they came to FleetLocate, they identified their main needs as needing to know better where their drivers/vehicles/assets are at all times and reducing costs. After implementing their FleetLocate GPS tracking solution, they reported tangible improvements in:

  • Their ability to identify drivers needing improvement
  • A safer fleet overall
  • Their ability to route the closest driver
  • Confidence that vehicles/assets were where they were supposed to be
  • And much more

“The customer service is outstanding! They worked with us in every aspect possible. So the services go beyond just the obvious.”

— Natalie Rojas, Accounts Payable Admin, Milford Quality Landscaping, LLC

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