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At Spireon, we realize that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer GoldStar® in scalable packages that grow with your business. Each one delivers simple-to-use features that protect you from risk and make your job easier.

Introducing the GoldStar Edge™
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Introducing the GoldStar Edge™

Experience the Edge, Spireon’s 12th generation GPS tracking device. It’s the next level of innovation delivered as part of the industry’s leading GPS solution, GoldStar. Reimagined and designed right here in California, the Edge has a slim profile and rugged form factor, giving you greater durability in extreme temperatures and better protection from attempts at tampering.

When you have the Edge, it’s easy to grow your business with confidence.

Flexible, covert vehicle placement deters tampering and removal
Resettable internal fuse provides automatic fault recovery
Exceeds all carrier certifications for receiving and transmitting cellular data
Available with CDMA
Includes a standard 3-year warranty

More comprehensive and reliable nationwide network coverage
Faster initial network handshake and locate
Improved wireless reception and signal reliability
Streamlined transitions between roaming networks

Get to Know our Industry-Leading Hardware

Key Features

Thin, near-flat textured profile with sleek ribbon cable for easy install

Rugged, automotive-grade engineering and design

Uses an industry leading ARM7 32-bit processor

Uses best in class 25mm passive patch GPS antenna design

GPS receiver sensitivity of -165dBm

Designed to be moisture and temperature tolerant, from -40C up to +85C

Resettable internal fuse for automatic fault recovery

Tested to 90 VDC overvoltage spikes per SAE- J1113/11 for durability across electrical noise caused by jumpstarting a vehicle

Extensive hardware testing with published operational voltage & temperature ranges

Meets and exceeds all carrier, PTCRB and TRP/TIS, certification for receiving and transmitting cellular data