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GPS Fleet Tracking

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GPS Fleet Tracking Delivers Intelligence

Along with tracking vehicles and monitoring driver behavior, Spireon’s GPS-based fleet tracking software delivers the business intelligence that leads to better business decision-making. In fact, our technology provides “actionable” business intelligence by providing real-time monitoring of assets and workforces to enable timely, informed decisions that helps you optimize resources, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency. Spireon’s fleet tracking system provides reliable, real-time data on your drivers and vehicles. Monitor their locations 24/7 and maximize your fleet business.

Spireon’s GPS Fleet Tracking Software

Whether you have a small, medium or commercial-sized fleet, Spireon GPS fleet tracking offers packages that include just the features and functions you need to optimize operations:

choose the right solution for your business

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Trailer Fleets

For trailers, get the most sophisticated yet simple to use solutions with unprecedented reporting and analytics.

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Small & Medium Fleets

For businesses with fewer than 200 vehicles, track your drivers and vehicles and protect your bottom line.

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Enterprise Fleets

For large fleet businesses with over 200 vehicles, get the industry’s most robust and scalable gps fleet tracking software.

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Commercial Fleets

For commercial fleet businesses, maximize your resources of drivers, dispatchers and vehicles.

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Mixed Fleets

For businesses with multiple vehicle types, experience our versatile and comprehensive fleet tracking solutions.

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Monitor and track your resources, from portable assets to construction vehicles and heavy machinery.

Spireon’s Trailer Tracking Software

Spireon FleetLocate is a complete trailer management solution that captures a wealth of Rich Data at the trailer level, and then translates this data into easy-to-understand, actionable business intelligence that increases your trailer productivity and efficiencies while reducing waste and costs.

From automating yard checks to right-sizing your fleet to increasing driver satisfaction, our customers see dramatic improvements across all areas of their fleet operations — all of which ensure a rapid return on their trailer tracking investment.

The FleetLocate Asset & Trailer Intelligence Solution connects transportation professionals to a powerful Rich Data Platform with the following features and capabilities:

 Automated Yard Checks

 Detention Optimization

 Trailer Sync – Tractor & Trailer Pairing

 Cargo Sensors on Trailer Doors

 Utilization Monitoring

 Driver Satisfaction

 ROI Attainment

 Trailer/Chassis Pool Management

 360 Mobile GPS Tracking

 Preventative Maintenance

 Integration with TMS Systems

 Increased Route Efficiency

 Idle Time Tracking

 Mileage Tracking

Track & Trace

Breadcrumb Trail

Speed Monitor

Stop Report, Idle Time with Location

 Exception & Alert Notification

 Plug and Play, OBDII

 Monitor Tire, CO2, Fuel, Miles

 Interprets Diagnostic Codes

 Predictive Maintenance 

 Driver Safety Scorecard

 HOS (Hours of Service)

 DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Report)

Vehicle Maintenance Alerts

 Posted Speed Alerts

 Monitor Hard Braking, Hard Turns, Gear Usage, Acceleration

Spireon’s GPS-based fleet tracking software delivers the business intelligence that leads to better business decision-making.

“To my knowledge there is no one else out there that’s providing a solution that Spireon is providing, and it really gives us a competitive advantage.”

Larry Hall, Executive Vice PresidentPremier Trailer Leasing

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