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Truck GPS Tracking Services for Enterprise Fleet Businesses
Simple, robust, and revolutionary, our flexible GPS-based fleet management solution equips fleet owners with the tools and software they need to gather, analyze and utilize the data from reports generated by our innovative tracking technology. Spireon’s FleetLocate® solution was built to accommodate the unique needs of a fleet. Management of your team, vehicles and assets has never been easier. Using data from your installed GPS devices, our web-based software not only gives you real-time visibility into your operation, it thinks ahead.


FleetLocate® takes Big Data and delivers the actionable insights, driving behaviors, facts, tracking data, and more to help you reduce your operational costs and find ways to improve productivity and optimize your logistics. You not only see what’s happening, you see what you can do about it.

  • Reduce Fuel Costs
  • Reduce Labor Costs
  • Maximize Fleet Efficiency
  • Manage Your Drivers
  • Minimize Miles Driven
  • Maximize Revenue
  • Full Fleet Control
  • Risk Management
  • Better Budgeting
  • Increased Employee Satisfaction
  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Improved Cash Flow

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Return on Investment

Armed with the knowledge of your business processes, our fleet experts will develop an ROI model specifically for your company. We’ll show you exactly where FleetLocate’s improvements will lead to measurable and better bottom-line results across all areas of your operation.

Implementing FleetLocate

To ensure a timely implementation of the FleetLocate system, we take a personalized, step-by-step deployment approach. We provide staff training, installation services and a dedicated account management team to ensure you’re up and successfully running.

A Proof of Concept

Through a Proof of Concept (POC), we learn your business goals, culture, and fleet environment – key performance data we can benchmark against industry best practices. This process shows we’re the right fit for your business and gives stakeholders confidence in our solution.

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Real Time Visibility

With GPS fleet tracking, all information is delivered in real-time to any mobile device. Track driver performance, fleet locations, routes, destinations and more.

Power Take Off

Track when a Power Take-Off (PTO) feature on the vehicle is on or off.  PTO information is available via alerting, reporting, inside the control panel, and the mini-dashboard.

Hours of Service

Safety is a high priority for both fleet managers and drivers. Spireon’s FleetLocate solution not only helps reduce errors by automating driver logs, but also provides an electronic history for roadside inspections.

Driver ID

Identify individual drivers not just your vehicles, so you can keep better track of each driver’s productivity and on-road safety – no matter which vehicle they use.

Driver's Safety Management

Gain insight into your drivers’ on-road habits and enhance performance. Using robust reporting, you’ll see driving trends that can help you develop driver safety performance benchmarks for the future.

Mobile Asset Tracking

Stay connected in real-time with rich information about your mobile assets. Track, locate, and monitor assets in the field to maximize utilization and get the right equipment to the right job.

Predictive Maintenance

Spireon’s predictive maintenance feature allows fleets to uncover huge savings from reduced vehicle downtime, while increasing fuel economy to bring down overall costs.


Schedule repairs based on a vehicle’s active diagnostic faults. You’ll save money by being proactive and working with service technicians to pinpoint core problem areas.

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More Fleet Management Power Per Mile

Lower fuel costs by combining the Spireon WatchCard with your FleetLocate’s Fleet Management solution. With fuel purchases centralized through this universally accepted card, you can run reports that show all fuel purchases, along with real-time vehicle locations to help verify usage and efficiency rates.

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