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Increase Utilization and Protect Valuable Equipment

Track Your Assets No Matter Where They Go

A fleet management software solution with built-in GPS asset tracking gives you the ability to constantly monitor and manage the crucial aspects of your assets: protection, safety, costs and efficiency.

With Spireon FleetLocate®, you gain real-time visibility and robust analytics that make it easy to protect your assets from being lost or stolen. No more wondering where equipment is being stored. No more worrying about assets being stolen from job sites. Simply login from any computer or mobile device and see exactly where your equipment is located any time of day, 365 days a year.

Along with protecting your equipment and assets, Spireon FleetLocate helps you utilize assets more efficiently. You’ll see what equipment is being used or not, and be able to redirect assets to job sites where they can be utilized.

The Nuts & Bolts of Asset Protection from Spireon

Together, these fleet management features enable you to manage trailers and equipment more efficiently, implement a preventative maintenance program more easily, dispatch assets to locations more quickly, and track where the assets are located at any given time.

asset management and GPS tracking solution

FleetLocate FL12®-EQ

Get real-time visibility into the location of your powered equipment like generators, bulldozers and wood chippers. Prevent loss and get assets to the right jobs.


Instant access to real-time business intelligence

Ability to track unauthorized and off-hour use of your assets

GPS positioning reported every 10 minutes when the asset is powered and daily when on battery

Flexible customized reports that can be scheduled or generated quickly

Exception-based alerts triggered by specific events such as an asset entering or exiting a location

Ability to know which assets are in motion or idle

Ability to track asset speed and heading

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The Asset Tracking Features You Need to Drive Profits

Get the right assets to the right jobs at the right time with real-time visibility

Manage equipment from your desktop or mobile device, anywhere 24/7

Redirect underutilized assets to locations with higher revenue potential

Protect equipment or assets left at a job site and recover them quickly if needed

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“To my knowledge there is no one else out there that’s providing a solution that Spireon is providing, and it really gives us a competitive advantage.”

Larry Hall, Executive Vice PresidentPremier Trailer Leasing

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