The Future of Automotive Retail

As we adjust to a “new normal” where health and safety have unprecedented importance, dealerships are adapting to and leaning into new ways to operate. Thanks to connected car technology, dealers are moving towards touchless vehicle delivery while making efforts to grow fixed operations, regardless of how often drivers are on the road.

Touchless Vehicle Delivery

Many other industries have made smooth transitions to digital retailing and providing an Amazon-like experience. Historically, automotive retail has lagged in doing the same, but the pandemic has called for adoption to climb rapidly. By offering home test drives, home vehicle delivery, and pick-ups for vehicle service, dealers can set themselves apart from competitors and be leaders in the industry’s acceleration to digital retailing. And for peace of mind, GPS-based connected car technology like Kahu helps dealers do this safely with the ability to monitor the vehicle remotely.

Service Drive

Regardless of public health and economic situations, keeping the service bay running is essential. Dealers are now using technology with VIN and mileage-specific data to reach customers with targeted and personalized messages directly on their smartphones. In fact, since the beginning of the pandemic, usage for MyDealer, Kahu’s direct-to-customer marketing feature, has grown over 50%. By getting the customer’s vehicle and phone to work together, the car ownership and maintenance experience becomes easier than ever, and the dealership gets to grow their relationship with their customer.

Adjusting to the “new normal” will be a learning curve, so now is the time to get ahead, learn what’s available today, and capitalize on this opportunity. It’s easy to do so using existing technology like Kahu. To learn more about the future of automotive retail and the progress dealerships are making, listen to this episode of Auto Remarketing Podcast with Spireon Automotive’s President, Brian Skutta. When you’re ready to start building your dealership’s strategy, check out Kahu technology for franchise dealers. Good luck!

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