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Construction Asset Tracking

GPS tracking of construction assets - FleetLocate by Spireon - Commercial Fleet Management Software

Keep Every Job On Time. Track Your Construction Assets Easily.

From streamlining your daily operations to protecting equipment that’s frequently left in remote or unsecure locations, GPS fleet tracking lets you monitor the safety and usage of your assets 24/7/365. And that means you can focus on completing more jobs and ensuring absolute customer satisfaction. Plus, FleetLocate‘s® ability to manage a mixed fleet means you can see your entire fleet at a glance.

In the construction industry, the challenges include managing complex projects, numerous jobsites, and managing a wide variety of vehicles and construction equipment. Add to that the high risk of theft and operations become even more complex. With fleet management software designed not only to manage fleet and equipment location, but to provide the data you need to optimize utilization and profit, you can take your construction company to the next level and reduce your headaches. With the ability to improve driver safety and manage maintenance schedules to avoid breakdowns and delays, you can streamline your project schedules and increase your margins.
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Track Equipment Location and Use

Get the right equipment to the right job by knowing exactly where everything is located. And go one step further by seeing what’s utilized or not. Then relocate unused equipment to jobs where they can be put to work for your bottom line.

Improve Preventive Maintenance

When you know how many miles your vehicles are logging, you’ll know exactly when to bring them in for maintenance. It’s the easiest way to cut down on lost opportunities, lost job hours and lost revenue due to a breakdown.

Monitor Unsecured Locations

When you leave equipment or assets behind at a job site, make sure they’re protected with a high-performing GPS tracking system. And if “just in case” happens, you’ll be able to get your assets back before they affect your operation.

Verify Hours & Billing Accuracy

Make payroll simple and billing straightforward by knowing which crew members are on a job and how long they’re on site. You’ll eliminate disputes and protect the revenue that keeps your business moving forward.

How to Solve 5 Key Problems in Construction Fleet Management

  • 100% of FleetLocate customers surveyed saw a decrease in fuel expenses, with 10% reporting they cut fuel costs by as much as 50%.*
  • 84% of customers improved their ability to better manage their fleet. *
  • 86% reported improved awareness of driver location and on-site hours.*

Frye’s Tool Rental reported reduced speeding, reduced idling, reduced hard braking, reduced the number of accidents, lower insurance premiums, and less arguments with drivers and clients since implementing FleetLocate.*


*In surveys of FleetLocate customers conducted by TechValidate, a third party research service.

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Hear from our customers how FleetLocate® is helping companies in construction to track assets, improve safety and increase efficiencies in these case studies:


H&H tracks its entire fleet using FleetLocate. FleetLocate allows them to easily monitor the whereabouts of hauling trucks, volumetric concrete trucks, and even light-duty pickup trucks. Haul and volumetric trucks are set up to log hours of service (HOS) for mandated electronic logging device (ELD) compliance; work trucks are outfitted for non-ELD fleet management.


FleetLocate provided tangible improvements in the ability to efficiently manage their trailer fleet, reduced their fleet’s idle time by 25-50%, and prevented theft through landmark/geofence movement alerts.

“Being able to go in and look at diagnostics and fault codes, we’ve been able to get ahead of maintenance and schedule service before a breakdown. Spireon is top in my book.”

Candace Self, Safety Director, H&H Concrete on Demand