Top 50 Drug Alcohol Clearinghouse Questions

Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse Questions: Top 50 Answered

Our recent webinar on the Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse generated more questions than we could answer during the live presentation. So we asked Dave Osiecki, our speaker and expert, if he and his team would answer the additional questions in a report. He was kind enough to agree, and we’re happy to offer that resource to you.

You’ll find answers to a wide variety of Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse questions in this quick read report, which covers subjects from registration to query costs to multiple DOT numbers, and more.

Here’s a sample of the questions answered:

Q: Does a full pre-employment query have to be completed prior to road testing a candidate?

A: No. The pre-employment road test is not considered to be operating in inter- or intrastate commerce. As such, a pre-employment query isn’t required until before the driver hauls his or her first load. From a practical standpoint, however, it may not make sense to incur the expense associated with administering the test only to find out via information in the Clearinghouse that the driver is not qualified to drive based on his or her drug or alcohol violation history.

Q: Once this program has been in effect for 3 years, will employers still be required to obtain drug and alcohol testing info from previous employers?

A: Generally, no. However, if the driver applicant has operated in other regulated modes (e.g. public transit) or if the motor carrier uses the pre-employment testing exception (49 CFR §382.301), the previous employer inquiry is still required.

Q: Is the fee charged for each transaction needed for an individual or just one fee per individual?

A: A query fee of $1.25 is assessed for each query. If a limited query indicates information exists on the driver and it is therefore converted by the motor carrier to a full query as required, the full query will be provided at no charge.

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