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Fleet & Trailer Cost Savings Resources

Tired of watching your costs increase year after year?

What Does It Cost to Run A Fleet?

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View these resources to find out how to reduce costs in all the key categories.

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The Real Cost of Fuel: Know the true cost of your fuel

The largest operating expense in trucking is diesel fuel, but do you really know the true cost of your fuel? What if you could get true costs and not just averages? How much would that improve your forecasting and bottom line?

Find out how you can have visibility into real fuel price behavior on each freight movement, including:

  • Eliminating fuel distortion by separating fuel from freight costs
  • Determining real-time fuel costs by distance, speed, transit time on specific trade-lane fleets to provide dynamic marine fuel prices
  • Managing fuel costs and make decisions using accurate and movement-specific information
  • And more
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Getting Paid Faster: Technology Trends That Cut Steps in Shipping and Payment Reconciliation

Cash is king, as the old saying goes, and getting paid faster is the goal of nearly every company. New technologies can help your company accomplish this goal and get your payments in faster than ever before.

Join us for this leading-edge webinar that will address topics including:

  • Improving record keeping with distributed ledgers to improve reconciliation
  • How blockchain ledgers can also improve financial liquidity
  • Establishing trusted relationships throughout the supply chain
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Driver Retention: The Undercover Trucker Reports – on demand webinar

How much money are you wasting backfilling driver positions and training new hires? Learn how you can improve your driver retention rates from an expert. In this informative program on what causes drivers to leave and how to retain them, Kelly Anderson, President of Impact Training Solutions, will share his experiences as the “undercover trucker,” where he is hired by fleets to go through their entire Recruiting, Orientation, and On-boarding process as a driver. Kelly’s experiences will shock you, entertain you, educate you, and arm you with information that will improve your recruiting and retention efforts. He will also answer your tough questions.

  • The most frequent offenses
  • How they adversely affect recruiting and retention
  • And how to correct them
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Learn how a Southern California plumbing business with a mixed fleet of box vans, Econolines and pickup trucks was able to save $1,500 per month by reducing fuel bills, eliminating unnecessary trips, reducing speeding and hard-braking, and improving driver routing

Additional Resources


Work Smart. Make Money.

Arrive Logistics and FMSCA & DOT compliance expert, John Seidl of Reliance Partners, provide actionable tips on how you can maximize carrier efficiencies and increase carrier profit. The goal is to increase revenue while controlling four major expenses: Insurance, payroll, fuel and vehicle maintenance.

Fleet Management: How to Reduce Your Cost Per Mile/Hour

How to marry fleet maintenance best practices and the capabilities of Infor EAM to reduce fleets cost per mile/hour. Proper fleet lifecycle management combined with integrations to your fuel management system, SCADA and financials improves overall visibility, efficiency, lowers cost of operation and positively impacts the bottom line. Whether you have 1 or 100,000 fleet vehicles, this on demand webinar will be beneficial for your organization’s balance sheet.

Reducing Costs as a Shipper of Choice

This webinar offers shippers information on how to reduce freight costs by becoming a preferred shipper. Subject matter expert Brian Reed has spent the last 18 years serving freight providers and shippers around the globe by developing innovative and modern solutions to supply chain challenges. See his data-driven insights here.

How To Position Your Company For A Successful Insurance Relationship

Learn how to:

  • Create a culture of safety throughout your entire organization
  • Establish driver vetting and training techniques that are thorough and ongoing
  • Use proven technology (video cameras, telematics, etc.) not as a luxury, but as a necessity
  • Foster transparency in all aspects of the insurer/passenger transportation company relationship, including timely claims reporting, notification of operational and/or driver changes, and accepting your insurer as a true loss control partner and regulatory compliance resource.


40 Ways to Reduce Truck Fleet Costs

Includes key topics:

  • How to Reduce Tire Expenses
  • Impact of Driver Behavior on Fleet Costs
  • Properly Spec’ing Work Trucks for Cost Reduction
  • Ensure Proper Preventive Maintenance
  • Changes to Fleet Management Methods
  • Impact of Driver Safety & Safety Technology

Cost-Reduction Strategies that Go Beyond the Asset

If you want to save “dollars” instead of “pennies,” the best way to achieve additional cost reduction is by modifying driver behavior. The way employees drive company trucks and vans can improve (or decrease) fuel economy; extend (or decrease) the life of wear items, such as tires, brakes, etc.; decrease (or increase) preventable accidents; and maintain (or degrade) the overall condition of a vehicle, which, ultimately, has a direct influence on resale value. Learn more now.

4 Ways to Reduce Truck Fleet Costs

Finding ways to reduce truck fleet costs is part of every economical fleet management plan. Each reduction method has to be weighed with the overall value to your company. Some cost reductions may pay off in savings, and others might work against you — they can actually cost you money rather than save it. See these 4 methods, with multiple tips in each section, to learn more.

Using Performance-Based Incentives to Optimize the Cost-Effectiveness of Fleet Operations

Half of today’s fleet managers receive performance-based compensation incentives. For the other 50% of companies that do not incentivize their fleet managers with performance-based compensation, now is the time to start thinking outside of the box. Here’s how.

27 Ways to Reduce Fleet Costs

The best way to maximize profits is through a competent set of management strategies that can help you reduce fleet fuel costs and also take into account vehicle upkeep and fleet consolidation. The 27 steps in this article are among the most effective ways to reduce fleet costs.

Fleet Policy Is a Crucial Component of a Successful Cost-Control Strategy: 10 Suggestions

A common problem in fleet management is the fleet manager communicates policy to the drivers’ managers, but the word doesn’t get down to the individual drivers. How do you increase driver compliance with fleet policy? See these 10 suggestions.

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