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GPS Tracking for Private Fleets

GPS fleet tracking for private fleets - FleetLocate by Spireon - Fleet management for small & medium fleets

Improve Trailer Usage to Stay Profitable

As a private fleet owner and operator, your trailer fleet performance has a direct impact on your bottom line. Spireon’s FleetLocate® products help ensure your trailers are in the right place, at the right time, doing the work that needs to be done. You’ll have unprecedented visibility into your fleet, right from your desktop or mobile device.

Manage PAR

Allot the right number of trailers per customer pool and receive alerts when over or under PAR. Get all of your committed loads.

Automate Yard Checks

From the convenience of your desk or mobile device, get an accurate count of trailers at every location. No outdated information or delays.

Improve Maintenance

Schedule maintenance based on mileage rather than the calendar and balance your fleet so trailers are used evenly.

Avoid Theft and Fraud

Use real-time GPS tracking and cargo and door sensors to protect your cargo and trailers from theft. Keep every load secure at all times.