For Trailer & Asset Managers

Intelligent Trailer Management Designed to Keep you Moving

Spireon’s customer centric, trailer management solution includes a full array of customizable trailer and asset trackers and sensors. Our products are designed to capture real time data and translate it into actionable business intelligence to boost your fleet productivity and increase your bottom line.

Track Any Trailer

Track any asset type including containers, chassis, flatbeds, tankers, reefers, and converter dollies. Data can be viewed via Spireon’s FleetLocate UI, integrated into your company API for ease of use, or through our driver app, TrailerView, which allows drivers to see their location as well as the trailer’s. A variety of configurations are available for your specific needs including composite nose dry van / sheet & post, tethered / untethered installations, and battery / solar powered devices.

Flex Product Suite

Modular Trailer & Asset Tracking

Spireon’s Flex product line is flexible and customizable. Get only what you need and add more capabilities down the line.


Transportation Industry’s Most Accurate Cargo Sensor

IntelliScan combines an artificial intelligence enabled image retrieval sensor and intelligent cloud software so you can manage trailer cargo status with 99% accuracy.

Managed Services

Consultative Trailer Management

While trailer management systems such as Spireon’s FleetLocate are invaluable to trailer fleets, nothing can replace a human’s analytical perspective. With Spireon’s Managed Services, you can optimize your resources and maximize your ROI.


Free Driver App

Save drivers the headache of searching for empty trailers. The free driver app, TrailerView, allows drivers to see their and the trailer’s exact GPS location with pinpoint accuracy. Save time and keep drivers happy with this free add-on to FleetLocate.

Solving Challenges with Real Results

See how Trailer & Asset managers are using FleetLocate to optimize their fleets and increase ROI.

Ready for a closer look?

Learn more about how FleetLocate can grow your business with real-time driver and vehicle intelligence.

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