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Trailer/Asset Intelligence Resource Center

Trailer/Asset Intelligence Resource Center

Return on Intelligence: Using Your Data to Improve ROI

Learn how to optimize the value of your trailer data with these free guides, webinars on demand, articles and more.

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Intelligence that moves the needle

What is a “smart trailer”?

Better trailer management requires better visibility. Your trailer tracking system should be doing much more than locating your trailers once or twice daily. Ideally, it should connect you to a continuous stream of rich data that supports faster, smarter, more profitable business decisions.

How Is FleetLocate Advancing Smart Trailer?

Smart Trailer is the Future: The Future Is Now!

Hear how IntelliScan technology by Spireon takes cargo sensor accuracy to new, unprecedented levels, in short video clips from a webinar featuring Reza Hemmati, Spireon Vice President of Product Management.

FL Flex

FleetLocate FL Flex is the future of trailer management – a powerful, customizable GPS tracking solution that arms fleets and OEMs alike with a single, proven device to support a myriad of configurations. A flexible base unit allows you to configure or tailor the solution to meet your fleet’s needs with a solar panel, or with sensors such as door, cargo, temperature, tire pressure, etc.

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A Day in the Life of an Asset Manager

Spireon FleetLocate is a complete trailer management solution that captures a wealth of Rich Data at the trailer level, and then translates this data into easy-to-understand, actionable business intelligence that increases your trailer productivity and efficiencies while reducing waste and costs.

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IntelliScan® Cargo Sensing Technology

IntelliScan® technology by Spireon is an advanced method of load detection that leverages a proprietary combination of optical imaging and laser time of flight technologies to deliver unprecedented accuracy in cargo sensing. With IntelliScan®, your FleetLocate cargo sensor will read the entire 53’ trailer, reliably and accurately, in extreme environmental conditions, and with varied load types such as “soft” cargo like carpet or paper. Play the animation below to see how it works.

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Top Tips for More Efficient Trailer Management

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Trailer Optimization in a Reopening Economy

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The Industry Speaks on Smart Trailer Utilization


Outlook for 2020: Preparing for an Economic Slowdown


Cost of Ownership: Buying vs. Leasing


Smart Trailer is the Future: The Future is Now

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The Real Cost of Fuel: True Costs and Not Just Averages

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Getting Paid Faster: Shipping & Payment Reconciliation

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Solving a $1B Problem with Cargo Image Capture


The Future of Trailer Fleet Management Technology

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Time Is Money: Managing Detention More Profitably

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Why You Need Telematics — In Hot and Slow Economies

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More New and Recorded Spireon Webinars
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Find Out How Smart Trailer Data is Used in the Industry — And What You Should Do About It

Survey data shows that very few trucking carriers fully leverage smart trailer data. Find out exactly what data other carriers are gathering and using, and how you can use that to your competitive advantage.

In this informative white paper, you’ll learn:

  • How many carriers are taking advantage of everything their GPS-enabled smart trailers have to offer
  • What benefits of smart trailer systems are seen as most beneficial by other carriers
  • How widely GPS tracking technology is currently used in the industry
  • Why your competitors are using smart trailers
  • And more

Don’t let your competitors gain an edge — get the facts now!

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Other Industry Resources


ATAAmerican Trucking Associations (ATA)

BiTABlockchain in Transport Alliance

CSACompliance, Safety, Accountability

CVSA – Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance

DOTDepartment of Transportation

FAST ActFixing America’s Surface Transportation Act

FMCSAFederal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration

FMCSRFederal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations

For-Hire Carrier – Company in the business of transporting freight belonging to others.

FTAFederal Transit Administration

IANAIntermodal Association of North America

Intermodal Transportation –The transportation movement involving more than one mode (e.g., rail/motor, motor/air, rail/water).

ISS (ISS-D)Inspection Selection System

LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) – A quantity of freight less than that required for the application of truckload (TL) rate; usually less than 10,000 pounds.

LTL Carrier –Trucking company which consolidates less-than-truckload cargo for multiple destinations on one vehicle

Reefer – Refrigerated trailer with insulate walls and a self-powered refrigeration unit. Most commonly used for transporting food.

Smart Trailer – a telematics concept where a hub, or gateway, gathers the status of cargo and trailer components to provide a continuous stream of rich data that supports faster, smarter, more profitable business decisions and enables the user to use that data to improve the return on that asset.