Good Driving

How Fleet Tracking & Telematics Transform Driver Behavior

A fleet tracking and telematics system can be a powerful tool in identifying aggressive and dangerous driver behaviors. From hard-braking to speeding, your system should keep you apprised in real-time, allowing you to address these behaviors as soon as they happen – and before accidents happen.

Can a fleet tracking solution put a stop to risky driving?

When drivers break the rules of the road, you may think that your only choices are confronting them or implementing disciplinary measures. Your best bet is actually your fleet tracking system – well, the right fleet tracking system. One that comes with a driver performance program specifically designed to permanently change those unwanted behind-the-wheel behaviors.

3 key features to look for in a driver performance program

When evaluating a fleet tracking system that includes a Driver Scorecard, choose one that offers the following:
  1. Real-Time Feedback – Allow your drivers to monitor their own behaviors behind the wheel as they occur throughout the day.
  2. Driver Education – It’s important to make sure drivers know the impact their behaviors have on personal as well as vehicle safety.
  3. Positive Reinforcement – Recognize and reward good drivers, and choose a game-based format that encourages higher safety scores.

Don’t forget trend reporting to give you visibility

Along with giving your drivers real-time insight into their own behaviors, the right driver performance program should also provide automated reports that allow you to see the frequency of and changes in driver behavior across your fleet over time. This daily, weekly and monthly trending information will be vital to helping you and your managers set attainable goals.

When drivers are safe, your business will thrive

By choosing a fleet tracking and telematics system with a built-in driver performance program, you’ll not only see a reduction in accidents and related costs, you’ll also see greater employee morale, satisfaction, loyalty and productivity. And that’s good for everyone — you, your people, and your customers.
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