How to Enter VINs Faster than Usain Bolt Running the 100m

Here at Spireon, just about every new feature or improvement we add to our products comes directly from customer feedback. We hear you. And back when we were developing the current version of our GoldStar GPS tracking solution, we asked what our dealers wanted and needed.

You told us that during the GPS device installation process, your employees were spending way too much time manually writing down the vehicle VIN, year, make and model onto the Talon GPS tracking device boxes. Then, they’re stacking the boxes up in a room so that someone else can start inputting all the vehicle information into the GoldStar GPS vehicle tracking system.

Not exactly efficient, is it? In addition to taking up valuable staff time – time that could be spent on the floor selling vehicles – this manual system increases the chance of errors when inputting vehicle info. Talon boxes can get misplaced. The sticker with the device serial number can get lost. Handwriting can be hard to read. There had to be a better way – a much, much faster way.

Scan and Go in a Matter of Seconds with Goldstar GPS

Ultimately, the answer to this customer request was right in front of us. Well, in our pocket. GoldStar already has a mobile app, why not add a new feature that takes the error-prone, time-consuming manual process out of inputting vehicle info? The end result – an insanely fast and clever smartphone app that allows you to streamline installation and vehicle info input.

Now, simply scan a vehicle’s VIN using your smart phone. The app automatically decodes the VIN and auto-populates the vehicle year, make and model into the GoldStar CMS asset tracking system. This eliminates multiple steps, as well as manual errors.

No more handwriting info onto boxes.

No more deciphering other people’s scrawls.

No more lost boxes and serial numbers.

No more mistakes that cause headaches.

So, how fast is it? Well, Usain Bolt’s record time in the 100m is 9.58 seconds. Let’s just say that our VIN scanner would earn you the gold over Bolt any day of the week.

And your staff can get back to doing what they do best – serving customers and selling vehicles.

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