4 Surefire Ways to Improve Fleet Safety

Running a fleet is risky business. Safety incidents can cost your business tons of money in vehicle damage, legal, and medical costs. Worker injury claims average over $21,000 per incident. Not to mention the costs associated with property damage, vehicle downtime, and potential third-party liability claims. Improving safety should be at the top of every fleet manager’s priority list.

In honor of Drive Safely Work Week, here are 4 ways that a GPS fleet tracking system can help improve safety:

  1. Reduce distracted driving:A lost driver is distracted and probably looking at a mobile device to find directions or contact home base. A solid GPS system allows instant feedback to notify drivers if they are off-route and dispatch to quickly assist them.
  2. Provide driver coaching:Fleet management software with driver behavior monitoring can provide alerts of unsafe driver behaviors such as speeding and hard braking. This opens opportunity for you to coach drivers in the exact areas where they need guidance.
  3. Maintain vehicles regularly:Even simple maintenance measure such as ensuring brakes are not overly worn and inflating tires to the proper pressure can help improve safety. A fleet tracking solution should provide alerts to remind you when it’s time to take vehicles in for a check-up.
  4. Reward driver behavior:Measure driver compliance with safe driving metrics, so you can reward drivers for good work and base incentives on accurate, real-time data. Consider having drivers “compete” on safety measures, and reward the individuals or teams with the best records.

Empower your drivers and managers to better understand driving behaviors and make their days safer. Use Drive Safely Work Week as an opportunity to educate your fleet. To learn more about a GPS solution that will provide real-time feedback to allow active driver coaching based on their driving behaviors, book your free demonstration of the FleetLocate solution.

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