Introducing LoJack Go for GoldStar Dealers

By Tanya Ferrero

LoJack Go is available exclusively for all GoldStar dealers and their customers. LoJack Go allows dealers to offer their customers connected car technology from a brand they trust while also improving their payment collections by 20% on average, managing their loan portfolios, and promoting the ongoing maintenance of every vehicle sold.

“Within the past few years, vehicle values have shot up due to issues in the supply chain crisis and with chip shortages leading to an increased risk for dealers, we saw an opportunity to help them in ways other providers hadn’t,” stated TJ Bussarakonsirivit, Director of Product Management. “With our GoldStar dealers in mind, we have found a solution with LoJack Go. Our team has incorporated connected car technology alongside mobile payments and repair shop listings, so that every dealer can mitigate their risk and ensure that their customers make their payments and maintain good vehicle health.”

The Most Recognized Brand in Vehicle Protection Meets the #1 GPS Provider in the Country

Spireon, the vehicle intelligence company, is the leading provider of GPS technology in the industry. By pairing industry-leading technology with a powerful and highly recognized brand like LoJack, Spireon has been able to reach new audiences and connect more vehicles. Now with LoJack Go, BHPH dealers and their customers can enjoy the best GPS and vehicle protection technology in the industry from a brand they trust.

As an early market leader in stolen vehicle recovery, LoJack has proven to be a reliable partner to dealers and customers throughout the nation for over thirty years. During its early days of conception, LoJack’s founder, William Reagan, noticed a significant increase in car theft as he worked long nights as a police commissioner. With the rise of organized crime and the economic turmoil at the time, vehicles were more valuable than ever. The birth of LoJack helped solve the vehicle theft crisis and prevented further theft in the coming years.

The parallels with today are undeniable. Within the last few years, over 41 states have experienced a rise in auto theft, with an average increase of 13% according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau1. Major metropolitan areas risk an even higher chance of auto theft, with places such as New York experiencing an 81% increase. As the current supply chain crisis and chip shortages continue to drive up vehicle prices, every stolen car, SUV, and truck becomes a more significant financial loss. LoJack Go remains a crucial asset to dealers and customers everywhere.

LoJack Go: The Ultimate Connected Car Technology for BHPH Dealers

Through LoJack Go, GoldStar dealers can provide their customers with peace of mind while increasing their payment collections, gaining free access to automated loan management software for their entire portfolio, and helping their customers maintain their vehicles. Through the powerful LoJack brand, dealers can establish trust and faster customer adoption while differentiating their dealership. Featuring easy GoldStar device pairing, LoJack Go remains a seamless integration for GoldStar dealerships everywhere.

GoldStar dealers with DMS integration can increase their cash flow and reduce their delinquency effortlessly with an average increase of 20% in payment collections. Through automated payment reminders and the mobile payment feature offered by LoJack Go, customers can make payments conveniently from the app, online, or by phone. As a result, dealers receive more payments, with more than 55% of customers paying on time.

Within the LoJack Go app, customers can also find certified repair shops with upfront, transparent pricing, strong customer satisfaction, and fair local labor parts rates. GoldStar dealers can ensure that their vehicles maintain good health with added benefits for their customers such as a cost estimator and appointment scheduling. All repairs are guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles.

Finally, dealers throughout the nation can now transform their business with connected car technology from the leader in vehicle protection. The results are undeniable. With an app rating of 4.7 stars and thousands of downloads, LoJack Go is a game changer for BHPH dealers everywhere. Now, GoldStar dealers can provide their customers security and peace of mind while helping their dealership focus on other aspects of the business – like growth and sales.

LoJack Go marks a new chapter for Spireon and GoldStar dealers. Take your business to the next level with LoJack Go! Contact us to get started.



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