Promote Good Driving Behaviors with Fleet Management

Accidents can happen to any business. In fact, employers in the U.S. are spending $47.4 billion in accident costs, decreased productivity, property damage, and medical damages. As harrowing as these figures are, it’s important to note that the #1 driving behavior that costs employers the most is speeding. Fortunately for fleet owners, there is a solution that both protects your fleet’s safety and enforces good driver habits – GPS Fleet Tracking.

Some behaviors that GPS fleet tracking can monitor are as follows:

  1. Speed Monitoring. Make your drivers aware of the fact that you’ll be immediately notified if they go beyond the posted speed limits. GPS tracking will give you the data you need to point out bad driving behavior.
  2. Prevent Unnecessary braking. Hard braking is an attribute of aggressive driving. You’ll be able to receive alerts whenever this occurs, so you can advise your drivers to stop this behavior.
  3. Route to Familiar Roads. One of the leading causes of an at-fault truck crash is unfamiliar road routes. An effective GPS solution will include a real-time and efficient navigation tool that lets your dispatcher route to roads that are most familiar to drive on.
  4. Traffic Insight. With timely traffic information, you can steer your drivers away from roadway hazards and accidents.
  5. Limit Unauthorized Use. GPS tracking solutions will also inform you about unauthorized use (such as when a vehicle starts or moves). Prevent improper use of your vehicles before it leads to significant financial damage.

FleetLocate GPS solution will get your fleet business up and running with no-hassle plug-n-play installs and easy to use fleet tracking. So you can get the data you need to enforce good driver behaviors.

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