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Working Hard or Hardly Working? How to Know Where Your Workers Are

It can be tough to know exactly what your drivers are doing with their time and your vehicles.  Especially since they’re often away from you doing off-site jobs.

But you no longer have to rely on guesswork or assumptions when it comes to workforce management. Effective fleet management solutions can give you visibility into where your workers are, so you can ensure maximum productivity.

As a result, you’ll reduce operating expenses and increase efficiency!

GPS fleet tracking gives you visibility into when your drivers are operating vehicles. You’ll be able to monitor drivers’ time and even look at their fleet performance data. Having this information takes the guesswork out of planning workloads and employee performance, so you can stop paying out on overtime that isn’t truly needed.

Having Accurate & Insightful Data

GPS tracking gives you accurate data regarding driver hours and routes, such as when your drivers start and end work, where they are located in real time, how many stops they made, and when they completed pickups and deliveries. You’ll also know which vehicles and drivers went off route, or were driven to unauthorized locations during off-hours.

Paying employees too much overtime represents a financial loss for your company. Take for example the case of 7 L.A. transportation service workers, who claimed 2,000 hours of overtime pay in 2014. That amounts to an absurd 38 overtime hours per week in a year.

Having visibility and accurate data on hand will enable you to reduce overtime hours while still reaching customer needs. It also will allow you to identify troublesome patterns and problems regarding driver behavior, so you can provide the right feedback and training to get drivers to maximize efficiency of their time.

Stop depending on estimates and uncertainty to determine whether overtime is needed. Instead, rely on GPS tracking with FleetLocate. A new no-hassle, plug-n-play solution that will allow you to start tracking your vehicles immediately. Call us at 877-819-0015 to schedule a demo.

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