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How to Choose The Right Fleet Management Software – Part 2

The marketplace for fleet management software is growing, and with so many solutions to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out which one is the right fit for your business.

Part 1 of this series talked about the basics of GPS-based fleet tracking – what information you need, how you need to access it and more – a good start for making your decision. Now, let’s go deeper and discuss a few more questions to help you choose:

  1. Do you need greater insight into driver behavior?

A number of solutions provide the ability to monitor speed and other costly driver behaviors like excessive idling. While alerts regarding speeding can certainly give you insight into potential issues, the right system can go further.

If you really want to control insurance rates and lower your risk of accidents, look for a fleet management system that can give you reports on: hard braking, hard turns, gear usage and hard acceleration. While the occasional lead foot can be tolerated, these behaviors often indicate a more serious safety issue that needs immediate attention.

  1. How important are your fleet vehicles?

The more critical your vehicles are to your bottom line, the more important it is to pay very close attention to maintenance. Keeping them safely on the road, and not losing one to a breakdown, takes a fleet management system with key capabilities.

You should be able to monitor fuel, miles, tires and more, so you can service vehicles at regular intervals. The system should be able to read diagnostic codes, so that any issues can be quickly and accurately found without costly, in-depth inspections. And, you should be able to be proactive and prioritize vehicle repairs based on your diagnostic codes and other in-depth engine information.

  1. Are you looking for help with compliance?

If you have a larger fleet, perhaps across a number of states or nationwide, managing that many vehicles and drivers is no easy feat. Look for fleet management software that offers:

  • Driver Safety Scorecard – With insight into driver behavior, risk and safety scores are assigned to each driver based on: speeding, seatbelt use, harsh breaking, sharp turns, over acceleration and after-hours vehicle use.
  • Hours of Service (HOS) – Regulations limit when and how long drivers should be on the road to reduce accidents, injuries and fatalities related to operating commercial vehicles. Compliance is critical if you want to avoid fines, loss of license or losing operating authority.
  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) – You know the value of teamwork. This feature allows your drivers to notate and report vehicle issues that need to be addressed, as well as verify that vehicles are safe to drive. Everyone pitches in to keep your fleet running smoothly.

Most importantly, look for fleet management software that delivers all the basics from Part 1 and allows you to add more advanced features as the needs of your business change.

With Spireon FleetLocate, you only pay for the fleet tracking features you need. We start with a robust GPS tracking system that gives you a 360 degree view of your fleet in real time. We also offer progressive packages that you can switch between depending on the data you feel would serve your fleet best.

To learn more, visit our Fleet Management page or contact us and let one of our experts match you with the right fit for your fleet.

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