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5 Reasons Why GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions Give Incredible ROI

GPS vehicle tracking telematics solutions that include fleet management systems and fleet tracking can keep your organization competitive and profitable in so many ways. According to Automotive Fleet, 91% of fleet businesses see ROI within a year and over half of the fleet industry uses telematics.

Here are 5 reasons why GPS telematics give real ROI beyond fuel costs:

         1. Improve customer satisfaction, which leads to increased profits & customer loyalty

Consider solutions that will enhance your services as your company faces more pressure than ever to keep customers satisfied. GPS vehicle tracking technology can ensure that you’ll be able to complete more on-time deliveries to improve customer service. For example, a utility service that uses GPS fleet management systems will be able to better predict the time frame of when their driver will arrive at the customer’s location for an installation. The utility manager would also be able to detect If their driver is behind or ahead of schedule, so that they can call the customer and give them an updated time of arrival. Giving up-to-date statuses can mean the difference between a one-time customer or a long-time, loyal customer.

         2. Improve maintenance scheduling with diagnostic data

Fleet managers or technicians would be able to receive alerts through GPS fleet tracking solutions when their fleet requires maintenance and servicing. It’s a proactive technology that prevents vehicle breakdowns, saving major costs in the long run. As a result of having well-maintained vehicles, there will be less vehicle downtime, reduced total cost of ownership, and higher vehicle resale value. With fewer roadside assistance incidents, your customers won’t have to wait for hours on end because you can avoid costly service disruptions.

         3. Ensure driver safety, reducing costs

With GPS vehicle telematics, you can track if employees are speeding down the highway or through a well-populated neighborhood. With recorded data on driver behavior, you can coach drivers on speeding, braking and even excessive idling. This supervision can result in safety improvements and vehicle wear-and-tear enhancements. Moreover, if drivers find themselves in a no-fault accident, they can clearly show that they weren’t at fault; GPS telematics can provide details that help fleets reconstruct the event and address preventable claims more quickly.

         4. Accurate entries of drivers’ timecards

Without any kind of automated record-keeping, it’s rather difficult for supervisors to track employee-submitted timecards down to the minute. Drivers can make 30-minute increments to boost their pay, and you’ll have a tough time noticing the inaccuracies. However, telematics systems allow you to compare the claimed start and stop times with the tracking data. You’ll be able to catch any misreported hours and save precious payroll costs.

         5. Optimize driver schedules

Increase productivity when you use GPS fleet management systems to save time for your company. For example, dispatchers can spend less time determining which driver is the best to send on a job at the last second. Optimizing driver schedule also enables you to accomplish more service trips each day.

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