5 Tips to Draft a Winning Team

Your dealership may already benefit from some star players, but what happens when you need to recruit new members to your team? It’s inevitable that your dealership is going to do some hiring this year. NADA discovered employee turnover at new car dealerships has risen to 43%. Here are some useful tips to find new players that will keep your team at peak performance:

Provide a detailed job description that shows excitement. Make sure you list everything the job entails and skills required on the job description. The more detail you provide, the more likely qualified candidates will apply. Be sure to show excitement in the job description. Dealerships are an exciting, fast-paced industry and you won’t attract top talent if the description for the job sounds dull.

Look to your current team. Tell your current employees first that you are hiring. If you are a competitive employer, your employees will often brag about how great it is to work at your dealership and attract qualified applicants. Everyone knows someone that is looking for a job, and your employees already know everything about the business!

Never commit after a first interview. First impressions aren’t everything. It’s a good idea to bring candidates back for a second interview to see how consistent they are. You may want to send them home with a pitch to practice and present back to you when they return. If they don’t know it when they come back for the interview, they won’t learn it for the job.

Bring in reinforcements. After the interview, send them on a tour of the dealership with another manager. If you introduce them as someone they will work with, instead of a manager, they are more likely to open up and ask questions they may not be comfortable asking you. It’s a great way to gain insight on how they will act with their peers.

Don’t rush it. You need to hire someone quickly, but a hurried decision is not always the right one! Take your time to find candidates that not only fit the job description, but are a good fit with their peers and show potential to stay long-term. After all, you don’t want to rehire for their job in another few months!

When you’ve drafted your winning team, be sure to equip them for success. Click here to learn about solutions that help your sales representatives, F&I managers, and service team work more efficiently and increase customer satisfaction.

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