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GPS Tracking Solutions for Distribution & Delivery

GPS fleet tracking for delivery and distribution fleets - FleetLocate by Spireon - Fleet management for commercial fleets

GPS Fleet Tracking Gets You There On-Time, Every Time

When being on-time is the most critical factor for business success, a fleet tracking solution from Spireon can make all the difference in your distribution or delivery operation. Whether you’re in the office or out in the field, you can pull up a real-time view of every vehicle in your fleet and make sure they’re running on-time.

Enhance Dispatch & Routing

With Spireon’s FleetLocate®, you’ll know where all of your vehicles are at all times, in real-time. With that kind of visibility, you can dispatch more effectively, find the most efficient routes, and make sure your vehicles stay on track throughout each day.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

With a GPS fleet tracking solution from Spireon helping you deliver on time, you’ll make customers happy, loyal and willing to refer your company. And if there are any delays, you’ll be able to provide accurate, updated times to keep customers in the loop.

Reduce Operating Expenses

Fleet tracking from Spireon goes beyond locations and routes. Our tools allow you to improve driver behavior and safety, schedule preventative maintenance, and protect your vehicles from off-hours use and theft. All that adds up to big savings and better profits.

“FleetLocate helps me monitor drivers to make sure time is spent on only work related duties. It allows me to give customers ETA’s at an instant without spending time waiting for driver response.”

– Ben Kwon, Operations Manager, Star Supply

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