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Government & Municipal Fleet Management

GPS fleet tracking for government fleets - FleetLocate by Spireon - Fleet management for commercial fleets

Simple, Affordable GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions

In today’s economy, budgets are tighter than ever, making it harder and harder for municipal fleets to manage their mobile assets and workforce efficiently. That’s why government fleets choose Spireon for real-time fleet and asset GPS tracking solutions to monitor vehicles, routes, drivers and more. With FleetLocate‘s ability to manage a mixed fleet, you can see your entire fleet at a glance.

Managing a government fleet entails a number of challenges, from monitoring fuel consumption and usage of the vehicles to managing driver safety and vehicle maintenance. Because government fleets are subject to more oversight, it’s important that your fleet management system be accurate, easy to use and offer good reporting tools. Particularly with the limited budgets of most government agencies, fuel management and maintenance tools are vital. FleetLocate® has worked with a variety of organizations to insure that their fleet management is optimal for their needs. See below for a case study of one government fleet that found FleetLocate® was able to significantly improve their results.

Increase Driver Accountability

When workers know GPS vehicle tracking is on, they are more responsible about their driving behavior, as well as preventing unauthorized use and excessive fuel consumption. Plus, times on and off the job are more accurate and easily verifiable to keep your billing and budget in check.

Streamline Dispatch & Routing

With Spireon’s FleetLocate, you’ll know where fleet vehicles and crews are, in real-time. And with that kind of visibility, you can dispatch more effectively and even re-route crews in case of an emergency such as a fire or storm.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Spireon’s FleetLocate means on-time service. And that means happy customers. With GPS vehicle tracking, you’ll be able to deliver services to customers faster, and if there are any delays, allow you to communicate updated times with customers.

See how FleetLocate has helped one municipality improve efficiency, reduce speeding and more in this case study:

“FleetLocate helps me identify the drivers who need improvement.”
JR Brimmer, Fleet ManagerCity of Sun Prairie
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