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GPS Tracking for Towing Companies

GPS fleet tracking for towing tow truck fleets - FleetLocate by Spireon - Fleet management for small & medium fleets

Towing Companies

For towing companies, performance is everything. The more you tow, the more revenue you bring in. With Spireon FleetLocate GPS fleet tracking, maximizing the performance of your trucks and drivers is easy. With it, you’re able to improve routing, fuel efficiency, driver behavior, customer satisfaction, field service management and more.

With FleetLocate GPS fleet tracking, towing companies gain the competitive advantage:

Improve Dispatching Efficiencies and Reduce Fuel Costs:

With FleetLocate, you’ll always know where your vehicles are in real-time, which means you can dispatch more effectively and make sure your drivers are routed to locations faster. And that leads to less time and mileage wasted, lowering fuel costs.

Improve Vehicle Behavior Starting with Driver Behavior:

FleetLocate is your eyes, ears, and accounting on poor and inefficient driving behaviors. Expensive idling times can be monitored, as well as unnecessary mileage, so that your drivers will be more accountable and improve their performance.

Your Customers Will Benefit:

FleetLocate means on-time service. And that means happy customers. With its GPS vehicle tracking, FleetLocate can help you deliver your drivers to customers faster, and if there are any delays, allow you to communicate updated times with customers.

Easy On-Time Vehicle Maintenance:

It doesn’t make a great impression when one of your own tow trucks needs a tow. Don’t let it happen to your own trucks. FleetLocate alerts you when maintenance is required on each vehicle so that breakdowns rarely, if ever, occur.

Fuel Card Savings:

This is where lower fuel costs start – combining the Spireon WatchCard with FleetLocate. It’s the simple way to monitor and centralize fuel purchases through this universally accepted card, and it can be your one tool to reduce wasteful practices and eliminate fraudulent purchases.

Know Before You Tow: 3 Ways Your Tow Truck Fleet is Secretly Wasting Money- FleetLocate by Spireon

Know Before You Tow: 3 Ways Your Tow Truck Fleet is Secretly Wasting Money

  • MONEY PROBLEM #1: EMPLOYEES MISUSING COMPANY VEHICLES Allowing employees to take home their vehicles is an accepted practice in the towing industry. But lately, a growing number of employees have been caught using company vehicles to earn a little cash on the side. This kind of misuse can put your company at risk.
  • MONEY PROBLEM #2: YOUR DISPATCH IS STUCK IN THE DARK AGES There are few industries that rely more on time management, accuracy of location, and efficient route planning than the tow truck industry. Yet, some tow companies have been stuck in the dark ages of communication, relying on pen-and-paper dispatching systems.
  • MONEY PROBLEM #3: YOU’RE NOT ACCURATELY TRACKING THE COST OF FUEL Fuel is one of the biggest cost centers for a tow truck fleet. According to the Washington Post, it accounts for nearly 40 percent of fleet expenses. You can’t control fuel prices, but you can get smarter about tracking and controlling how much fuel your company uses.

FleetLocate Solves All These Problems


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What Our Customers Are Saying

``Spireon gives us a finger on the pulse of what’s going on within the company. From delivering a piece of equipment or even as simple as delivering a rental, it gives us the ability to be able to see the location of our drivers, if they break down, if speed alters, if they are traveling too fast, or whether they’re idle.``- Mark Blanchard, Vice President - Bobcat of New Hampshire
``We felt Spireon had a better solution to help us track our trucks using live data streams than some of the other fleet management systems out there. It also provides us with real time information to track if the truck is going over certain miles per hour or outside of a certain zone. This helped us not only reduce fuel costs, but also reduce our insurance premiums.``- Greg Barnhart, Director of Operations - Toasty Cheese
``We saw more customer service with FleetLocate in 6 months than we did with our current vendor in 6 years! At Covenant we focus on 3 main objectives: Driver Satisfaction, Fleet Safety and Customer Service. And FleetLocate supports all of those objectives with their real-time visibility, Rich Data, alerts, training and their powerful ROI support.``- Scott Flerl, Director of Asset Management - Covenant Transport
``From identifying revenue per trailer to eliminating theft, FleetLocate's Rich Data gives us the real-time visibility we need to drive more ROI and protect our assets.``- Brian Gannon, Project Manager - Tutle & Tutle Trucking
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