fleet success post-COVID

Fleet Success Post-COVID: 10 Steps to Take [Webinar]

How can you plan for fleet success post-COVID? Find out in this informative webinar.

There is one eventuality about the COVID-19 pandemic—it will end. But what will that mean for trucking fleets? How can they shift gears from operating in an ongoing emergency and return to “normalcy”? What will it take to succeed in the post-COVID environment?

You will learn the answers to these questions and more, with the 10 steps you can take now to prepare, including:

  • Control costs by implementing fuel cards.
  • Revisiting and update the fleet’s safety program.
  • Implement a strong program to capture and analyze data
  • Be ready to comply with new HOS regulations
  • Develop foolproof driver training and retention programs.

Recent articles in industry media have suggested that the recovery post-COVID could be rapid. Examples are an article about freight volumes in FreightWaves and another article on how increased demand post-COVID threatens to cause a driver shortage in the automotive supply chain in Automotive Logistics. Don’t be caught by surprise when your segment starts to recover.

Attendees will have the opportunity to ask the panel of industry experts their most pressing questions about preparing for fleet success post-COVID at the conclusion of to the presentation.

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About Your Speakers

fleet success post-COVID

Dave Osiecki
Scopelitis Transportation Consulting

fleet success post-COVID

Dean Croke
Chief Industry Analyst

Jay Stephenson
North America Training Leader

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