Increasing Fleet Safety Means Improvements in Efficiency

Why Improving Fleet Safety Increases Efficiency – A Case Study

How One Fleet Dramatically Decreased Accident Costs and Increased Compliance

Everyone in the transportation industry understands there’s a lot you could lose any time your drivers get behind the wheel and fleet safety isn’t a priority.

Poor driver behavior can cost your business tons of money in vehicle damage, legal, and medical costs. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, fleet accidents involving an injury costs nearly $74,000, and each fatality cost a business more than $500,000.

If your driver files a work injury claim, you’re looking at $21,000 per incident. Then you’ll need to factor in the costs associated with property damage, vehicle downtime, and potential third-party liability claims.

Investing in fleet management software, like Spireon’s FleetLocate, is crucial if you want to do everything you can to keep your drivers and the motoring public safe. And as the numbers above show, the costs associated with an accident can easily pay for the fleet management system for your entire fleet.


As a fleet manager for H&H Concrete, driver safety is Candace Self’s biggest responsibility, which is why she convinced her company to invest in FleetLocate.

Fleet management software with driver behavior monitoring provides fleet managers with vision into unsafe driver behaviors such as speeding and hard braking. This on-road picture gives fleet managers the opportunity to coach drivers in areas they need improvement in.

For instance, Candace set up FleetLocate to send an alert whenever a driver goes over the posted speed limit. Now she can call offending drivers out with specific information as soon as it happens.

She says once they realize she knows they’re going 72 miles per hour when they claim 60, she observes them gradually decrease their speed. “It’s effective, and it works,” states Candace.


The biggest ROI Candace has seen since implementing Fleetlocate is the reduced the number of accidents that H&H experiences.

“Before, we’d have fender benders here or there, but going into last year, the number has greatly decreased,” Candace tells us. “I think that’s our greatest success — that the drivers are becoming safer.”

Another major ROI? The vehicles themselves become safer through better diagnostics monitoring and preventative maintenance. Fleet tracking software alerts you when there are maintenance issues, such as low tire pressure or worn out brakes. These alerts allow companies to make the repairs they need to prevent an accident and to keep their trucks on the road.

According to a third party verified survey of hundreds of FleetLocate users a stunning, 100% of customers saved up to 10% or more in vehicle downtime using FleetLocate’s proactive maintenance monitoring. “Being able to go in and look at diagnostics and fault codes, we’ve been able to get ahead of maintenance and schedule service before a breakdown,” Candice says.

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