A Day in the Life of an Asset Manager

[Video] See How Your Trailers Can Be More Productive

Want to know how your trailers can be more productive?

Need to improve trailer visibility?

Want to reduce waste and costs?


Meet Taylor Transport. Taylor Transport found out how their trailers can be more productive.

Taylor Transport is a for hire company that owns a fleet of trailers and uses FleetLocate to help manage their operations.

Their asset managers can:

  • Find out average idle days
  • Identify trailers stuck in customer pools
  • Get trailers where they need to be
  • Manage maintenance

Using FleetLocate’s Intelliscan, a cargo monitoring device, asset managers can spot trouble areas for utilization and see what trailers have just been sitting around. It also complies with FSMA’s Chain of Custody for temperature monitoring.

In case a trailer is stolen, it can be easily found with FleetLocate’s breadcrumb tracking, giving authorities the exact location in real-time.

With different smart-trailer devices and sensors, FleetLocate is a valuable solution to maximize trailer capacity, efficiency, utilization and profitability.


Watch “A Day in the Life of an Asset Manager” now to see how your trailer can be more productive:

FleetLocate – A Day in the Life of an Asset Manager from Spireon GPS on Vimeo.

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