How to Maximize ROI with Cargo Sensors

How to Maximize ROI with Cargo Sensors

Cargo sensing technology has become a hot topic in the trucking industry for several reasons, the simplest being that an empty trailer sitting idle isn’t making money for anyone. By knowing where trailers are and which ones are loaded vs unloaded, carriers are able to boost trailer productivity and utilization. The visibility allows for more efficient driver assignments and decreased waiting times, which in turn leads to more satisfied drivers, more hours on the road, and reduced fuel costs.

However, there are still many costs not accounted for by today’s cargo sensors. Though most solutions can detect whether a trailer is loaded or not, they don’t give carriers eyes inside their trailers to notice things like cargo damage, improper loading, load shift, and theft. Moreover, these cargo sensors can’t provide strong proof to settle claims and detention billing. What’s the missing piece to the puzzle of a stronger ROI? Cargo image capture.

By being able to capture and retrieve images from inside their trailers, carriers can improve their bottom line in multiple ways, including:

  • Reduce detention time and increase billing accuracy
  • Keep drivers on the road by ensuring trailers are empty before pickup
  • Minimize cargo damage by detecting improper loading
  • Resolve claims confidently with timestamped images proving cargo/trailer damage
  • Recover stolen cargo and provide timestamped images as evidence
  • Improve worker safety by detecting cargo load shift before doors open

Want to learn more about the latest innovation in trailer management? Watch the on-demand webinar in partnership with Transport Topics: Solving a $1B Problem With Cargo Image Capture—view short clips of key topics or the full webinar. To get eyes inside your trailers, see IntelliScan for yourself.

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