Best GPS Fleet & Trailer System

Best GPS Fleet & Trailer System? What Our Customers Say

Best GPS Fleet & Trailer System

When you’re looking for the best GPS fleet & trailer system, you want to know what users say. That’s why we’ve set up a new customer comments section on our website where you can read comments from our customer on key topics including:

  • Why FleetLocate?
  • Will It Help Improve Driver Behavior?
  • Does It Help Improve Trailer Management?
  • Will It Help with Vehicle Location/Routing?
  • How Does FleetLocate Compare to Other Systems?
  • Will It Increase Fleet Efficiency?
  • Is It Cost Effective/A Good Value?
  • Is It Easy to Use?
  • Will It Help Manage Vehicle Maintenance?
  • Does It Provide Reliable Accuracy/Uptime?
  • Does FleetLocate Provide Good Customer Support/Service?
  • Do You Recommend FleetLocate’s ELD?

In each of these sections, you’ll read comments from FleetLocate customers in a variety of industries explaining why they use our award-winning system and what they like about it. Among the comments you’ll see there:

“You get the best product and service in the industry. Great product, great service.”

—Bob Goss, Operations Manager, Pace International

“Gives enhanced recordkeeping/reports, user-friendly website, and great customer service.”

—Lisa Kelly, Mirimichi Green Express

“FleetLocate has exceeded our expectations. Great experience in every area.”

—Scott Morlock, Fleet Manager, Archer Daniels Midland Company

“It is amazing software that gives the user various insights into day to day fleet operations.”

—Andrew Gromala, Fleet Manager, iGourmet

“Give me a call, I would be happy to tell anyone interested about this service and the customer support has always been great. You may find you do not need as many trailers when you know where they are.”

—Denver Gordon, Dispatcher, APL Logistics Services (Thailand) Ltd.

“The system is great, provides exactly what we need in reporting and GPS.”

—Karen Byrd, a Finance/Accounting at Fletcher’s Towing Inc.

See the Customer Comments

Plus, Read Customer Case Studies

Another great resource when you’re looking for the best GPS fleet & trailer system is customer case studies. So in addition to the customer comments section on our website, you can also find customer case studies:

We hope these resources are helpful to you, and if you have questions, please contact us on our website, or at 800-557-1449.

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