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[Video] New! Short Video Clips from Fleet Webinars

If you’re interested in getting the latest information about hot topics in our industry but can’t spend an hour watching a fleet webinar, we have good news: Spireon now offers short clips of key moments from our webinars. These short clips range from 1 minute to 5 minutes, and are designed to give you a quick look at key points that will help you manage your fleet.

This video includes subjects such as:

  • Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse Overview
  • Freight Outlook: Market Shift 2019-2020
  • Driver Retention: The Recruiting Call
  • Driver Compensation: Driver Pay vs. Inflation
  • And many more

These webinars feature leading experts in our field, including:

Many in the industry have found these informational webinars to be useful, and often watch the recordings if they miss the live webinar. But we know that a full one-hour commitment can be a lot to ask in a busy day, so we’re happy to provide these shorter alternatives. We want to help you keep up with the industry and still finish your day at a reasonable hour.


Our Most Popular Fleet Webinars

You’ll find short clips available from all of our most popular webinars, including:

We hope you find these short video clips to be useful; we’ll be adding more every month.

To see a full list of our informational webinars, click here.

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