Canada sets ELD Mandate deadline

ELD Mandate Set for Canada for 2021: What to Know

A  little more than year has passed since the U.S. ELD mandate started requiring drivers to log their service hours using electronic logging devices. Now Canada plans to follow the regulatory footsteps of their southern neighbors.

Canadian Minister of Transport Marc Garneau announced on June 13th that a June 12, 2021 deadline is set. Commercial motor vehicle operators and bus drivers currently keeping a logbook must have electronic logging devices (ELDs) on their vehicles by that deadline. The new rule is intended to improve driver safety by reducing driver fatigue. The ELDs will replace paper logs, which can be easily manipulated by drivers and carriers to work outside of their Hours of Service (HOS) limits.

Additionally, the mandate isn’t expected to have an impact on cross-border operations. According to Transport Canada, officials consulted with industry stakeholders to ensure the Canadian ELD mandate and the U.S. ELD mandate are in alignment.

Canada’s ELD Mandate at a Glance

So, what do the rules actually say? Here are the 6 most important details you need to know about Canada’s ELD Mandate:

  1. Hours-of-Service rules themselves will not change. The only difference now is that drivers will now have to record their hours using an ELD.
  2. All federally regulated Carriers with drivers that operate outside of a 160-km radius of their home terminal must install ELDs by 2021.
  3. Unlike the U.S. rule, third party groups must certify the devices to ensure they meet technological and tamper-proof requirements.
  4. Canadian and U.S. truck drivers can use the same electronic logging devices in both countries.
  5. The rule accelerates the implementation timeframe from the initially proposed four years down to two.
  6. 30-day rentals and trucks manufactured before the year 2000 are exempted from the rules.

For more information on the Canadian ELD Mandate, read the Canadian Trucking Alliance’s summary of the rules. You can also visit the FleetLocate ELD Mandate Resource Center for more information on ELDs and current requirements.

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