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Spireon award-winning products provide businesses and consumers with powerful insights to track, manage and protect their most valuable mobile assets. The award-winning Spireon NSpire platform supports nearly 4 million active subscribers across the company’s growing suite of products for new and used car dealers, lenders and financial institutions, rental car agencies, commercial and local fleet operators, and consumers.




Buy Here Pay Here Dealers

GPS tracking that helps BHPH dealers lower risk and increase profits with predictive insights, instant vehicle location, impound lot alerts and more.

Large BHPH Dealers & Small Lenders

Goldstar’s most robust features plus advanced alerts and analytics, reference validations, location prediction, and custom integrations.

Wireless Tracking

GoldStar’s entirely wireless GPS solution for BHPH dealers and auto-lenders in need of simple installations, crucial data collection, and quick recoveries.

Lenders & Credit Unions

All of GoldStar’s features plus management tools for lenders and multi-location BHPH dealerships to extend credit to more borrowers and easily increase payments and recoveries.


GoldStar® Connect App for Car Buyers

Stay connected to your car with GoldStar® Connect – the highly-rated consumer app that lets car buyers instantly find their car, receive mileage and battery notifications, and customize alerts.


Improve PVR & Customer Experience

Grow PVR by $200-$400 on average with a non-cancellable solution and reduce purchase time by 30 minutes by quickly finding test drive vehicles.

Service & Sales Retention

Deliver promotions and automated recalls to customers using in-app marketing to increase ROs, boost customer loyalty and grow service retention

Lot Management

Enjoy visibility into your entire inventory to manage loaners, save money on batteries and reduce audit times.

Inventory Protection

Enable safe home deliveries and overnight test drives while protecting vehicles from theft and fraud. Average recovery time of 26 minutes for stolen vehicles.


Connect & protect Your Car

Get LoJack the app that connects you to your car. Protect your vehicle from theft, view trip history, get smart alerts for speeding and more


Vehicle & Driver Intelligence

Maximize utilization, improve driver behavior, cut costs with FleetLocate’s affordable, attainable, easy-to-use solutions.

FL Dashcam

This future-proof dual camera is available as an add-on to any existing FleetLocate devices in the field, or to Spireon’s FL-360 universal gps-tracking device.

ELD Compliance

Ensure HOS, DVIR, and IFTA compliance the easy way with FleetLocate’s driver-friendly BYOD electronic logging device solution.


FleetLocate® for Ford

Integration with Ford Data Services provides fleet management at your fingertips without the need for an aftermarket device.

FleetLocate® for GM

Use General Motors’ embedded OnStar technology to power FleetLocate for fleet intelligence without aftermarket technology.


Modular, Covert Solutions

Track any trailer type with a single device; customize FL Flex to add sensors, solar panels, integrated solutions as you like.

In-Pan, Embedded Solar

Rugged in-pan telematics tech with extended power management via onboard solar panel; FL22+ supports a full sensor suite.

Simple Solar Tracking

Quick, easy installation with state-of-the-art solar panel; FL Solar is a simple powerhouse that delivers long battery life.

Cargo Sensing, Imaging

IntelliScan® is the industry’s first to combine laser time-of-flight, optical imaging to deliver 99% cargo detection accuracy.


Powered Equipment Tracking

FL Flex EQ provides location and engine hours tracking for your powered equipment to maximize use and properly maintain.

Unpowered Asset Tracking

FL700 is your go-to when power connection isn’t an option; a pure battery-powered solution for mobile, unpowered assets.

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NSpire Platform

1 Billion Data Events Generated Per Month

Powering all of Spireon’s product offerings is the award-winning NSpire platform, a secure, cloud-based data management and transaction processing environment. Supporting nearly 4 million active subscribers, and more than 1 billion data events per quarter, NSpire is the differentiator between competitor GPS products and Spireon Vehicle Intelligence Solutions. Backed by a 99.9% up-time and application availability guarantee, NSpire keeps customers reliably connected to assets no matter where they roam.

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