COVID-19 and Trucking

COVID-19 and Trucking: Industry News for June 3

Selected COVID-19 and trucking industry news that may impact your business.

As of June 3, 2020:

FMCSA Issues Additional Waiver in Response to COVID-19

Scopelitis Transportation Consulting

On June 1, FMCSA issued an additional waiver in response to the COVID-19 public health emergency to avoid a shortage of available intermodal chassis. This latest waiver allows drivers to use intermodal chassis with annual inspection decals (or similar documentation) that expired on or after March 31, 2020. FMCSA granted the waiver in response to a request from the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA) who explained that approximately 5-8% of chassis have been parked at facilities other than the intermodal equipment provider’s (IEP) maintenance facilities as a result of COVID-19, making fulfilling the annual inspection requirements difficult. Drivers using equipment with expired decals must continue to conduct thorough pre-trip inspections and IEPs may not coerce carriers into accepting unsafe chassis. The waiver ends September 1, 2020. Read the text of the waiver, including terms, conditions and restrictions: Read More

Dry van and flatbed rates slipped further in May, reefer rates ticked up


Rates on the spot market remained depressed in May as the economic toll of the COVID-19 pandemic and the corresponding state shutdown orders dragged on. Most states started easing restrictions in early to mid-May, and economic activity has picked up some since bottoming out in late April. Read More

Here to help: Nonprofit provides assistance for drivers impacted by illness, injury

The Trucker

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, one nonprofit is trying to be proactive in its efforts to support truckers nationwide. Two major truck-stop chains, Love’s and Pilot, have recently donated $100,000 each to the fund, and H. Robinson Trucking has donated $50,000. Read More

Truck orders remain low as economy sets its sights on recovery


North American Class 8 net orders for May inched upward (61%) from April’s record low, settling at 6,600 units, according to preliminary data released Wednesday by FTR. Read More

COVID-19 testing available for Arkansas-based truckers


The Arkansas Trucking Association has worked with the state’s health department to find 30 health clinics in the state where truck drivers can receive a COVID-19 test. Read More

Parking problems: Idled trucks likely to lead to ‘unprecedented’ battery failures


Just because a truck’s sitting idle, the same may not be true for its batteries. Parasitic loads from telematics devices and onboard computers, along with self-discharging that occurs when charging stops, will drain the power bank. Read More

COVID-19: Symptoms Felt across the Trucking Industry

The National Law Review

COVID-19 impacts even the smallest areas of our lives, so it comes as no surprise large industries such as the trucking and transportation sector have been rattled by the pandemic. Read More

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