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FMCSA Issues Temporary Waiver for Drivers with Expiring CDLs, CLPs, Operator’s Licenses & Medical Cards

What You Need to Know

On March 24, 2020, FMCSA issued a limited waiver for commercial drivers whose CDLs, CLPs, operator’s licenses, and/or medical cards have expired, or are set to expire after March 1, 2020. Want to know what this means to you?

Find out in this quick overview from Scopelitis Transportation Consulting, which covers:

  • Extensions for maximum period of CDL validity
  • Extensions for maximum period of CLP validity
  • Requirement waivers for medical examination and certification
  • And more

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What Do You Need to Do to Prepare for the New FMCSA Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse?

  • Use of the clearinghouse is mandatory with manual checks as of January 6, 2020
  • Clearinghouse use only as of January 6, 2023; manual checks no longer required.

FMCSA Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse: Enforcement


FMCSA’s Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse Overview

Know your drivers: Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse webinar whitepaper - FleetLocate by Spireon

Top 50 Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse Questions Answered

top 50 FMCSA drug and alcohol clearinghouse questions answered - FleetLocate by Spireon
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CDL Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse Checklist

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FMCSA ELD Compliance Audits: What Do You Need to Know?

Want to better understand how FMCSA and, in some cases state agency auditors/investigators, review and audit electronic logging device (ELD) records for driver hours of service (HOS)?

Get our latest report from Dave Osiecki of Scopelitis Transportation Consulting, which covers:

  • What is a Compliance Audit?
  • The elements of an ELD Records Compliance Audit
  • Auditing for falsified ELD records
  • What kind of ELD records and “back office” reports investigators will request
  • And more

Make sure you and your team are ready for an ELD audit before it happens—get your free report now.



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Make sure you’re ready for the newest FMCSA mandate, coming January 6, 2020: The CDL Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse.

In this overview of the new mandate and what it requires of you, you will hear:

  • What you need to do by January 6, 2020
  • What two steps will be required to check the status of new hires
  • What the annual requirements are
  • What new policies your company will need to put in place
  • What this new process will cost you
  • And more

Join expert Dave Osiecki, President of Scopelitis Transportation Consulting LLC and formerly Executive Vice President for ATA, as he spells out what you’ll need to do and answers your tough questions.

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More New and Recorded Spireon Webinars
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State of the Industry and the ELD Mandate: 1 Year Later

What have been some of the results and perhaps unintended consequences of ELD technology over the course of the last year? With the AOBRD grandfather clause ending in 2019, what is being reported by companies who have already implemented ELD technology?

More Info

In this one-hour webinar that includes real-world insights from David Osiecki, President of Scopelitis Transportation Consulting LLC, and an analyst perspective from FreightWaves’ Chief Insight Officer Dean Croke, the speakers share their perspectives on:

  • Broad industry trends and specific fleet-focused outcomes
  • Real-world results and consequences of the ELD mandate
  • Recent survey results around the expectations that companies have for ELD use
  • And more
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Managing Roadside Inspections Post-ELD

As of April 1, the ELD mandate is being fully enforced. Do your drivers really know how to handle a roadside inspection? Learn how your drivers and fleet managers should handle these new checks – even when the inspectors themselves may not be fully up to speed. In this informative webinar, participants will learn:

More Info
  • New! Hours of service and ELD-related information, data and lessons learned from the early June 2018 Roadcheck blitz
  • Specific actions carriers and drivers should take to prepare for ELD-focused roadside inspections
  • Ideas on ‘driver letters’ that carriers should consider providing to drivers to help provide accurate electronic logging system information to inspectors
  • Ideas and best practices for interacting with roadside inspectors to start an inspection off on the right foot
    FMCSA’s latest ELD guidance and Frequently Asked Questions
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Optimizing ELD: Compliant, Yet Asleep at the Wheel

With ELD requirements now being enforced, it’s vital that you understand what you need to do now for effective compliance. Now that you have ELD, you have a lot of useful information at your fingertips. But how do you use it? How can you use your ELD and GPS data to improve driver safety and productivity?


• What kind of information you can get from your ELD
• How to use that information to improve driver safety and increase driver productivity
• How to develop driver education/corrective action programs that work
• Why compliance and safety don’t go hand in hand
• And more

ELD Questions Personal Conveyance Video Img - FleetLocate by SpireonClick to View Video Preview

ELD and AOBRD: Unanswered Questions

The ELD Mandate and the AOBRD grandfather clause have raised a number of questions, most recently in our March webinar, “The State of the Industry and the ELD Mandate: The Verdict One Year Later.”


To help answer some of these questions, we’re reconvening our experts and asking you to submit your burning questions. We’ll answer as many as time allows, including:

  • Will there be another extension on ELD compliance?
  • How is the ELD mandate affecting the market rates for available loads?
  • Will there be any changes in Personal Conveyance limits?
  • Do we have any data showing pre- and post-ELD driver pay?
  • Any many more

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