GPS tracking for plumbers

How Is GPS Tracking Helping Plumbers Improve Profitability?

Some plumbers believe that GPS tracking for plumbers is too expensive or too complicated.

Several plumbing companies have proven that is not true.

Tommy Rooter Saves $1500/Month with Fleet Tracking

For the past five years owner Tommy Clarke and his wife Beth have been monitoring their entire fleet from their home base in Indio, CA, with GPS fleet tracking. With real-time location intelligence, they can maximize staff efficiency by routing the nearest available technician to jobs as they come in and relaying directions to hard-to-find job sites on unmapped roads. Fuel costs have been reduced through driver behavior monitoring (with speeding and hard-braking alerts) and location monitoring.

In all, Tommy credits the system with dropping his fuel bill by $1,500 since implementation.

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Hyde Park Plumbing and Heating Reduced Fleet Idle Time by 25-50%

Melanie Larkin, dispatcher at Hyde Park Plumbing and Heating, says their GPS tracking system “helps me identify the drivers who need improvement.”

According to Melanie, the company has found the system has done the following:

  • Pays for itself in reduced costs and improved efficiency.
  • Has made a real dent in reducing costs.
  • Reduced the fuel expenses by 10-25%.
  • Increased the vehicle/asset utilization by 10-25%.
  • Reduced their fleet’s idle time by 25-50%.

Steve Mull Plumbing, LLC Reports 30% Time Savings with Better Routing, Reduced Overtime

Billie Johnson, Operations Manager at Steve Mull Plumbing, LLC, says their GPS system “keeps my techs on jobs.”

Billie says the company has found that with the GPS tracking system for their plumbers they have seen up to:

  • 30% in time saved with their GPS fleet management solution.
  • 20% in money saved by their GPS fleet management solution.

In addition, they have found that they can:

  • Route the closest driver to respond quickly
  • Ensure their drivers are performing
  • Run a more efficient business

Want to know more about how GPS tracking for plumbers is helping improve profitability? See How Can GPS Tracking Help Plumbing Companies. You can also visit our Small Business Resource Center for helpful articles and tips.

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